European Wushu Kungfu Federation announced that it has suspended Turkey’s membership

The European Wushu Kungfu Federation suspended the membership of 7 countries together with Turkey, preventing the athletes from participating in any EWUF (European Wushu Kungfu Federation) organization.

The Federation announced that it suspended Turkey’s membership in a statement it published. The European Wushu Kungfu Federation stated that a contradictory wushu federation was established by using the name of the formerly ‘European Wushu Federation’, and stated that the memberships of Belgium, Croatia, Bulgaria, Armenia, Southern Cyprus, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey were suspended. On the official website of the European Wushu Kungfu Federation, Belgium, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Southern Cyprus and Turkey were stated as the countries whose memberships were suspended.

Despite its name being included in the published statement, Armenia’s membership was actively shown. Bulgaria, on the other hand, became a temporary member.

As a result, the duties of the members of the European Wushu Kungfu Federation of the countries whose memberships were suspended were suspended, and the athletes of these countries’ federations were banned from participating in EWUF organizations with the national team indefinitely. However, athletes will be able to compete independently in these events under the EWUF banner.

Source: UAV


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