Europe or Shanghai? Democracy or autocracy?

This election was really a choice of destiny… It was regarded as the choice of destiny for the AKP. At least, this is how AKP members, with its politicians, bureaucrats, governors, district governors, and Diyanet Affairs, saw it.

AKP Chairperson said openly; ‘2023 will be a fateful choice’ said.

But we have entered such a path that 2023 will be the fateful election not only of the AKP, but also of Turkey.

First we will vote the regime ok continue? we will say…

With the regime…

Europe or Shanghai?

East or West?

Democracy or autocracy?

Parliamentary system or one-man rule?

We will also answer such questions. Not every vote we cast will determine who will rule us for five years. It will determine the direction of Turkey…

Do not compare this election with the elections in Germany, France, England. It doesn’t look like them. He rules the country that was elected there.

What is trying to change the existing regime. What is he playing with the education system? What puts the economy in a tight spot.

Just managing…

Our election, especially this election, is neither similar to the one in the USA nor to the ones in Europe…

Actually a referendum, not an election It would be more correct to say…

Because if Erdogan wins, there will be a different Turkey, the candidate of the 6-table (Most likely Kılıçdaroğlu) wins, it will be a different Turkey…

Erdogan declared that his goal is membership in the Shanghai organization. So we will break with the Council of Europe. We will naturally leave the European Court of Human Rights.

(Let me open a parenthesis. Russia withdrew from both the Council of Europe and the European Convention on Human Rights. The Russian judge at the European Court of Human Rights has ended. Russian citizens will no longer be able to apply to the ECHR. This is the fate that awaits us. I close the parenthesis.)

Since Shanghai is starting to turn into a security organization, we will have to leave NATO as well.

( Let me open one more parenthesis. Was Erdogan’s purchase of S/400 missiles from Russia five years ago, a preparation for this grand plan, when it was said that the second party was on the way? When we enter CSO, we will set up the S/400s and turn it towards Greece, Bulgaria, and Italy!)

Who is in the Shanghai organization?

Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Iran…

Actually a group of countries governed by a one-man regime It would not be wrong to say. Can we also say the group of countries where the law is violated, freedom of the press is ignored and freedom of expression is not mentioned?

The intention of the AKP, or rather Erdogan, is to win the election and take part in this organization. To be exactly like them.

We’re half-assed right now!

As Akşener said,this election is the last election’… Choice of decision, choice of fate…

What surprised me the most was the editorial of the newspaper Cumhuriyet, which declared that our membership in the Shanghai organization was beneficial to our national interest.

republicClaims such as the countries participating in this organization are not governed by democracy and it is objectionable for Turkey to take part in this organization contradicts the developments in the world.’Dsuction.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Doğu Perinçek becomes the editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet soon!..

The AKP media has already started the campaign over Erdogan’s photo taken with the leaders of the Shanghai organization. They’ve even been declared world leaders. The presidents of China, Russia, India and Iran were listening to Erdoğan with great attention!

That’s our place!

Cumhuriyet Newspaper also announced with an editorial that it would take part in this campaign. Come on, good luck.

(You will say it’s been a long time, but I need to open one more parenthesis. Does Cumhuriyet’s editorial cause a new fight within the newspaper? Will the republic be divided into two as Shanghainese and westerners? This is the last fight you will say! You are right. Even the reader is tired. Let’s see what the writers will do. I closed the parenthesis)

Where we were. We said that the AKP media has already started the campaign. I watched it on ahaber yesterday. They enlarge the famous photograph of Erdogan and ask the citizens.

Isn’t Erdogan the world leader?

Yes dude it is…

Isn’t Turkey a world giant?

Yes, our leader advises all countries

Isn’t Turkey among the giants of economy?

Europe is devastated, we are well…

The reporter made this interview in front of the Egyptian bazaar. If one of the interviewers says we are in the right place, buy this coiled sausage with half a kilo of bacon and let the children celebrate at home, what would he say?

are you crazy bro where is that money says…

I also say are we crazy; what business do we have in the Shanghai organization!..

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