Europe blocks our free supply of fertilizers to poor countries

In his speech at the 77th UN General Assembly meeting, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that European countries are trying to prevent Russia from supplying free fertilizer to poor countries.

Sergey Lavrov: Europe blocks our free supply of fertilizers to poor countries

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov attended the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN).

Lavrov addressed the participants here.

“Europe is blocking our free fertilizer supply”

In his speech, Lavrov stated that they want to send 300 thousand tons of Russian fertilizer accumulated in European ports due to the embargoes imposed on Russia by Europe, but that Europe is trying to prevent this.

Lavrov, “We welcome the efforts of the secretary general who contributed to the signing of the Istanbul agreements on July 22. However, these agreements need to be implemented.

However, the financial and logistical barriers to Russia’s grain exports and fertilizers from the USA and the EU have not been completely removed. Due to these obstacles, fertilizers cannot be supplied to poor countries. said.

“The West is angered by the referendum in the Donbass region”

Speaking about the popular referendum on accession to Russian territory, held in eastern Ukraine and under the control of the Russian army, Lavrov said: “People here are reacting to what Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said in 2021. Zelensky recommended that anyone who feels Russian should go to Russia. This is what the inhabitants of this land do by dominating the lands where their ancestors have lived for centuries. The West is angry at this situation.” used the phrases.

“USA declared itself master of the world”

Lavrov, who also criticized the USA, “The self-declared self-victory USA during the Cold War saw it as God’s messenger and master of the world, without obligation, acting according to lawlessness. Today the question of the future of world order is being asked.

The answer is whether there will be a single hegemony that forces everyone to live by their notorious rules. Will it be a democratic and just order, or a world free of blackmail, threats, colonialism and neo-Nazis?” he said.

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