Eurobond issuance of 100 million Euros from TKYB

The Development and Investment Bank of Turkey (TKYB), adding a new one to the foreign resources it has obtained in the field of sustainability, is 100 million dollars. euro realized the first sustainable eurobond issuance.

According to the TKYB statement, Agence Française de Developpement (AFD) invested 100 million euros in the first sustainable eurobond issued by the Development and Investment Bank of Turkey.

The funds to be obtained from the 11-year-term issue, financed by AFD, will be used to support investments and social projects aimed at combating climate change.

The Bank’s Sustainable finance At least 75 percent of the funds to be obtained from the issuance of eurobonds within the scope of the framework will be allocated for the financing of green projects that contribute to the fight against climate change in Turkey, while the rest will be directed to social projects.

Within the scope of the said issue, the Bank will benefit from AFD’s technical support program for efforts to increase the female workforce in the economy.

“We are proud to sign another first on behalf of our bank”

İbrahim Öztop, General Manager of the Development and Investment Bank of Turkey, whose views are included in the statement, stated that they support the transition process of our country to a low-carbon economy with the financing opportunities they provide for sustainable investments.

Öztop said, “We are proud to have achieved another first for our Bank with the eurobond issuance, which we realized with the support of AFD. This funding is the first sustainable eurobond issue of our Bank, which has a 47-year history.” used the phrases.

Expressing that Eurobond is of great importance for the bank in terms of the diversity of resources it brings and that it supports its goals to reach a wider investor network in the future, Öztop said, “We are very happy for the contribution we will make to the sustainable development and green transformation of our country with this issuance. We thank AFD for the trust in our Bank, I hope our union continues to grow.” made its assessment.

Oliver Gauvin, Consul General of France in Istanbul, emphasized that the greening of financial systems has become a priority in order to strengthen the transition to low-carbon and climate-resilient economies and to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Gauvin said, “This is TKYB’s first sustainable bond issuance supported by AFD, it is a low-carbon bond between France and Turkey, especially in line with Turkey’s Paris Agreement. energy It reminds us of the excellent cooperation in the transition area.”

Cecile Couperie, AFD’s Regional Director for Eurasia, stated that AFD is fully committed to making global finance green, and said, “We are happy to renew our cooperation with TKYB with this new financial instrument, which is complementary to our traditional credit lines. Again, the technical support package signed today, TKYB’s It will support initiatives to increase women’s employment in the projects it finances.” made its assessment.