EU prepares new sanctions package against Russia

EU sanctions on Russia

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and EU High Representative for Foreign Relations and Security Policy Josep Borrell announced the EU’s new sanctions package proposal.

Von der Leyen emphasized that the separatists in eastern Ukraine will not recognize the “fake” referendum and the annexation of Ukrainian territory, Russia He said President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threat and declaration of mobilization increased tensions.

Von der Leyen noted that for this reason, the EU has prepared and will propose the 8th package of sanctions against Russia, aiming to weaken the Russian economy.

According to the new sanctions package proposed by von der Leyen, which must be approved by the 27 EU member states for implementation, some individuals and organizations will be added to the sanctions list, as well as some restrictions on trade and oil imports.


In this context, the import of some Russian goods will be banned. The EU calculates that Russia will be deprived of 7 billion euros in revenue because these goods, whose details are not yet available, cannot enter the European market.

In addition, restrictions will be imposed on the export of some EU-made goods to Russia. In this way, it is aimed to deprive the Russian army of vital technologies in the military field. These goods include aviation materials, electronic components and chemicals.

The sanctions package, which also includes the service sector, also prohibits citizens of EU countries from taking part in the management of publicly-owned companies in Russia.


Pointing out that the sanctions package also includes Russian oil, Von der Leyen said, “Russia is using the profits from the sale of fossil fuels to finance the war.” said.

Recalling that in accordance with the previously accepted sanctions packages, the transportation of crude oil from Russia to the EU was banned from 5 December, von der Leyen stated that they are aware that some developing countries need low-priced Russian oil resources.

Recalling that the G7 agreed in principle to impose a ceiling price on Russian oil for third countries, Von der Leyen said, “The oil ceiling will help reduce Russia’s revenues on the one hand and keep the global energy market stable, on the other hand.” made its assessment.

“In this package, we establish the legal basis for imposing a ceiling price on Russian oil,” von der Leyen said. he said.

Von der Leyen stated that they have also taken new steps to circumvent the sanctions, adding, “Here we are adding a new category. In this category, we will be able to list individuals who have avoided our sanctions.” used the phrase.

Explaining that those who buy products from the EU and send them to third countries after they send them to Russia will be circumvented by EU sanctions, von der Leyen emphasized that they can put people involved in such activities on the sanction list.


EU High Representative Borrell also stated that they have expanded the list of people and organizations to be sanctioned.

Borrell said that the list consisted of those who had a share in the “occupation and annexation of Ukrainian lands by Russia”, among them high-ranking military officials, decision makers, some oligarchs and propagandists.

Borrell stated that they aim to provide a “direct response” to those who escalate the war by conscripting 300,000 people.

Stating that they will target Russian officials, who are the “proxy of Russia” in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia, and people who organize fake referendums in 4 regions of Ukraine, Borrell stated that they will add some people from the defense industry to the list.

Stating that these include the Minister of Defense and other high-ranking officials, Borrell said that those who provided all kinds of army equipment, including warplanes, and who played a role in the deployment of 300,000 soldiers would be on the list.

Finally, Borrell noted that people who spread disinformation about the war, especially in the Russian-occupied areas, will also be identified and included in the list.

* The image of the news was provided by Reuters.