EU Council President Michel: UN urgently needs to be reformed


EU Council head Charles Michel, United Nations (UN) In his speech at the 77th General Assembly meeting, while making statements about global problems, he stated that there was a need for reform in the UN Security Council. Charles said in a statement that the use of veto in the UN Security Council should be an exception. “I believe improvements and reform in the rules are necessary and urgent,” he said. Stating that the veto power should be used in exceptional cases and the membership of “countries that started an unjust war” such as Russia should be suspended, Michel said, “When a permanent member of the Security Council starts an unjust and unjust war, the membership of that country should be automatically suspended by the UN General Assembly.” .



Stating that Russia has made false claims about the war in Ukraine, Michel said, “No one threatened, attacked, invaded Russia, and absolutely no one wanted a conflict with Russia. What interest do we have in endangering everyone’s safety and well-being?” used the phrases. Michel, on the other hand, described the propaganda spread by Russia about the genocide of the Russian-speaking peoples in Ukraine as “false and disgusting”. Stating that Russia’s portrayal of the war in Ukraine as only a “special operation” is a terrible lie, Michel said, “This is a war. This is unjustified, illegal, unjust aggression. This war is unacceptable. “economic sanctions have become inevitable,” he said.

Stating that another lie of Russia is the claim that the EU and western countries’ sanctions on Russia to stop the war caused the food crisis, Michel said, “It is a lie and a mistake that the sanctions triggered food and fertilizer shortages. Even before the war, grain and fertilizer exports were unilateral. “It was Russia that decided to reduce maritime trade to a great extent by imposing a military blockade on the ports of the Black Sea,” he said.



Michel said that Russia now threatens to use nuclear weapons and to use Europe’s largest nuclear power plant as a military base, expressing that he supports the work carried out by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant. “However, there is a choice to be made, and the choice of the European Union is not aggression, it is respect for borders,” Michel said.


Stating that he wants emerging powers like China to participate in efforts for peace and development, Michel said, “We sincerely want the rising powers, including China, to participate in joint efforts for peace and development. We defend maritime security. We defend stability in the Taiwan Strait. We recognize the principle of one China, but especially “We will not close our eyes to human rights violations in Xinjiang and Hong Kong,” he said.



In his speech at the UN General Assembly, Michel emphasized the need to act in unity against the climate crisis and said, “Overcoming the energy crisis, repelling the climate threat, protecting our biodiversity and our oceans means protecting our future. No country can protect the planet on its own. “We expect developed countries to follow the same path to protect the climate,” he said. Stating that we are at a turning point in history, Michel said, “I believe in collective wisdom, I believe that science and knowledge will give hope to the world again. We need an enlightenment, this must be together.”