Erol Bulut: There is no president, no management, we do not know who we will be dealing with

Gaziantep FK, which hosted Fenerbah├že in the Super League, left the field with a 2-1 defeat with a goal conceded during the pauses.

Gaziantep coach Erol Bulut, who made a statement after the fight, underlined that it was a defeat they did not deserve.

“Game over for us in the 70th minute”

“It was 11 points that we lost in this way… It was a good fight until the 70th minute, there was a Gaziantep FK that should have been ahead, but we conceded a goal due to a simple individual mistake. Later, our players who entered the position enough could not take advantage of the opportunities. The game was ours with a red card in the 70th minute. It was over for him. The opponent held the ball by passing the ball. They evaluated one of the attacks and we lost.”

“It is not clear when the new management will come”

“When we look at the football we play, it’s a loss we don’t deserve. We are leaving the match we should have with points and points with zero points. We will investigate the problems. Actually, we know the problems but we could not close those individual mistakes. We have only one striker, our wingers are not enough. The depth of the squad is not enough. The new It is not clear when the administration will come. There is no president, there is no administration, we do not know who we will deal with. We are trying to take Gaziantep forward, that’s all.”