Erol Bulut: ‘Our aim is to get points or points from Galatasaray’


Gaziantep FK Technical Director Erol Bulut In his pre-training statement, “Galatasaray He will play under pressure because he is in his own house. Despite Galatasaray scoring 2 goals in the league, they are on 7 points. They will also want to win the match. Our only goal is to get the points or points we want away and return home like that,” he said.

The red-black team, which continues its preparations for the Galatasaray match, started training with opening and stretching exercises. Continuing with tactical exercises, the training ended with a double goal match.


Before the training, Gaziantep FK Technical Director Erol Bulut made a statement to the press. Bulut noted that the team played well in the Antalyaspor match in the 4th week, and that they got 3 points and it was an important win for them.

Stating that the players were fighting well as well as the player and system change, Bulut said, “We started the Antalyaspor match very well, we found the goal early. After the golden, we pulled the handbrake for some reason. Unfortunately, we started to play away from the opponent. Our pace was not good enough. The opponent 2-1 lead. “We made 3 substitutions in the 2nd half and the friends who entered the game by making changes in the system contributed really well. We made good use of the positions we captured. It was a good day for us. We got 3 points from this match by fighting well,” he said.


Erol Bulut said that there are some football players they met in terms of transfer. Stating that they started the league well, Bulut stated that they got 10 points in 4 matches. Explaining that they will not be cut off from their feet in the league and that they will continue to work, Bulut said, “We had a meeting with Boli about the transfer. Sagal exchange was being discussed here. This meeting was within the knowledge of Sagal. In the end, it did not happen and I clearly expressed it in my previous speech. About Sagal. The transfer issue has been closed. On the other hand, there are football players we talked to. We will see which of them will join us in the coming days. We will see together. I think we have achieved a good trend since the beginning of the league. We were actually getting the signals of this good trend in the friendly matches. The team showed this to us. There were minor shortcomings and “These shortcomings still exist. We got 10 points in 4 games, but we won’t be cut off from the ground. We have to be realistic. We are trying to be better by eliminating the deficiencies in the team day by day. We want to increase our pace and continue on our way by making fewer mistakes,” he said.


Making evaluations about the Galatasaray match, Erol Bulut stated that the excitement of the matches played with big teams is always high and that they want to get points or points from the match. It’s a pressure for Galatasaray to play at home. football Evaluating that he will play, Bulut concluded his words as follows:

“The big matches are always exciting, of course. The atmosphere is played in a perfect atmosphere. We will play in front of 40-50 thousand fans. This is a good game for football, that is, football is a good game with the fans. It will not be an easy match for us. After all, Galatasaray is at home, so it’s under pressure. “He will play. Galatasaray is 7 points despite scoring 2 goals in the league. They will also want to win the match. Our only goal is to get the points or points we want away and return home.”

On the other hand, Gaziantep FK fans came to the training and supported the team.