Erol Bulut: I have not been paid for 1.5 years

WALL – Gaziantep FK’s coach Erol Bulut, who lost 2-1 to Fenerbah├že, which he hosted in the 19th week of the Super League, said that they lost the game superiority to the opponent after 10 players remained.

In the press conference he held after the match, Bulut stated that they started the match well and effectively, “We went on the field willingly and willingly to win. We played a match that we should not have lost. If we played 11 to 11, it would have been a match that we could have won. There was a team that started the game well and produced a goal position. “Unfortunately, we could not evaluate the positions. After the red card, the game became difficult for us,” he said.

Stating that the club management resigned and some players complained to FIFA because of their receivables, Erol Bulut said: “There is no president, there is no management. We do not know who to deal with. I have not complained about my team. I have not been paid for 1.5 years. I speak for myself. We have not been paid salaries to the players and us for a few months.

We don’t know what will happen next week. After an administration is formed, we will have to sit down and consult on everything.” (NEWS CENTER)