Erol Bulut caught Galatasaray’s eye

Gaziantep FK Coach Erol Bulut, before the training at the club facilities, told members of the press that the away Galatasaray match will take place in an atmospheric environment.

Explaining that big games are always exciting, Bulut said, “We will play in front of 47 thousand fans. It is very good for football. Football is good with fans. It doesn’t matter whether it is away or your own home. Football is one step ahead when you become a fan. It will not be an easy match for us. After all. “Galatasaray will play at home and under pressure. They are on 7 points despite scoring 2 goals. They will want to win the game. Our goal is to go away and get the points we want and return home.” he said.

Evaluating the Fraport TAV Antalyaspor match played in the 4th week of the Super League, Bulut continued as follows:

“We started the game well. The goal came, but we pulled the brakes after the goal. Unfortunately, we started playing away from the opponent. Our tempo was not good enough either. As a matter of fact, the opponent took the lead by 2-1. We made 3 substitutions and changes in the system in the second half. Our friends contributed well. “Our other friends on the field also showed the pace we wanted. We made good use of the positions we captured. It was a good day for us. We got 3 points in the second half, with good fight and battle, and good evaluation of the positions we captured.”

Bulut stated that they played many friendly matches during the camp period and the team gave good signals in the camp.

Stating that there are deficiencies in the team and that they are constantly working to eliminate these deficiencies, Bulut said, “I hope we will continue on our way with fewer mistakes by putting it on top of the football we play against Antalyaspor and increasing it.” said.

“There are 2-3 football players that we talked to”

Stating that Angelo Sagal’s transfer negotiations were negative, Bulut said that the player will stay in the team.

Bulut, a member of the press, “Will the transfer work continue?” To the question, “There are 2-3 football players that we talked to. Which of them will join us in the coming days, we will see together.” gave the answer.

Defending that the Reserve League should be planned more accurately, Bulut said, “The idea of ​​the Reserve League is not wrong, but the probability of you playing the ace players there is very low. It was not a different league than the under-19 league. It continued in the same way. If not next year, he needs to be prepared in the best way possible.” used the phrases.

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