Erman Torolu: “This is a CNAYET!”

Comparing Demir Grup Sivasspor and Galatasaray in the Sper League, the harpc clarifications came from former referee Erman Torolu for the floor of the 4 September Stadium.

Erman Torolu talking about the ground “There were good stadiums in Turkey, but this football is played on the ground. u playing on the ground, u footballers is simply murder! The players you give so much money to get injured, there will be unfair competition. The malicious player is advantageous. Here, a good team does not indicate a good team. Who are you cheating bro? The publisher will give you tons of money, you will play at this stadium! I don’t know if the delegations are making investigations or not! Ayptr!” said.

Continuing his laundering, Erman Torolu “We call it a broad bean field, there is not even a donkey field in this field! I’ll give a ton of money, the publisher’s board will give a ton of money… Well? How is this? Football players are fighting to avoid injury. It is also difficult for the referee. There are injuries, disability can happen at any time. You will be disabled for the whole of Mr. God bless. Are you kidding people? Mata doesn’t play football, anyway, on this field, what are these kids going to play? I can’t handle it.‘ he used the phrases.


On the other hand, the publishing board gave information about the stadium floor during the half-time meeting. It was announced that the floor had deteriorated due to a fungal disease that occurred a few days ago in Sivas.

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