Erman Kunter : Why not?

We are playing our most important game so far in the European Basketball Championship. It’s a jump-off game and if we win, we’ll make it to the quarter-finals. The opponent is France, which I think is the most suitable for us in the crossmatch. In their last match, they lost to Slovenia. I didn’t see their body language well after the match. Sounds like he has some issues with the team. In addition, the coach and players’ statements after the match confirmed this view. If we control the tempo of the game, we force them to think and take advantage. We should not give momentum. Sometimes, not only time-outs, but even substitutions break the opponent’s tempo as they stop the game. The French team makes very bad shooting choices from time to time. If we evaluate this with fast attacks at that time, we can turn the match in our favor. However, we should not rush the game too much. It should not be forgotten that the team against us is much more athletic than us. We need to limit these qualities with half-court play. In order to win such matches, it is very important not to lose the discipline on the field. And it is essential to spread it out over 40 minutes. I think our outside shooters are better than France. We have to patiently pass and find the empty throw. Every head-to-head minute puts the French team under a little more psychological pressure and brings with it already bad shot selections. We have to be more aggressive on defense by going above the screens in double games. A game awaits us where our will to win must be far ahead of our ability. It was announced that Larkin, who played with an average of 34 minutes, would not be able to play. We did not prepare our other players well. I hope we don’t suffer from this today. That’s why I wrote and drew because the tournament was different from the beginning. Always plan for the best, but be prepared for the worst. Despite everything, “Why not?” I say.

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