Erdogan to Selvi: You will do what is necessary, look, Ahmet Bey is doing it

WALL – President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan participated in the Kanal D – CNN Türk joint broadcast and evaluated the agenda.

Answering the questions of Ahmet Hakan, Hande Fırat, Zafer Şahin and Abdulkadir Selvi, the headlines from Erdoğan’s statements are as follows:

ATTACK IN MERSIN: The fact that CHP had defended one of the terrorists as a journalist in the past… If the terrorist organization had listened to the voice of the state instead of the political extension party, they would not have been embarrassing. But they have no shame. We have said from the very beginning that those in prison are not journalists but terrorists. The judiciary condemns them for being terrorists. They still circulate the report they show as an imprisoned journalist on their official website. Then they are still behind this terrorist. The Republican People’s Party is a national security issue.

AEGEAN ISLANDS: Greece is a country that we are with in NATO, but Turkey is a country that is in NATO. We are in the top 5 in NATO. We are a country that is of such importance in NATO, both with the payments we make and the land forces. It is unacceptable for the US to send so many weapons and ammunition to these islands.

Our expectation from the United States is that it does not miscalculate Greece and does not allow the manipulation of international public opinion. We made the necessary warnings to the USA and Greece through our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We sent our last letter to the UN on 17 September.

NO EXPLANATION: The US lifting the arms embargo on Southern Cyprus has no explanation either in terms of content or timing. Everyone should know that this last step will not go unanswered and that every precaution will be taken for the security of the Turkish Cypriots.

REFERENDUM BRINGS DIFFICULTY: (In Ukraine, in Russian-controlled areas) The referendum event brings trouble. I wish there had been no referendum, but we could have solved them through diplomacy.

Mr. Zelenskiy wants us to support Putin in the 4 regions. I plan to discuss these issues in detail with Mr. Putin tomorrow.

NUCLEAR IS DISASTER: The price of going to nuclear war is catastrophic. You shouldn’t even think about talking about it. Solving this issue through diplomacy would be the most appropriate step.

‘SOCIAL HOUSING PROJECT’: Does Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu need an apartment? If they wanted a guarantee, they must have such a need. Here you go. We built 1 million 250 thousand houses. It’s not the first time we’re doing it. Kemal, be honest. Politics is honesty. We are rewriting history with the step we have taken now. The number of applications of our youth to TOKİ is 1 million 750 thousand. Look, even the young people have a better grasp of this business than you.

NEW APP: When the demand is high, we will increase the number of plots to 1 million. The landlord will build the house himself. We will build the infrastructure.

GROWTH EXPECTATION: In 2022, I foresee a growth of 5 percent. Of course, this is an average figure, it will be better, but not worse.

NO RISE UP: I’m looking at interest right now before inflation, we lowered the interest rate to 12 percent. There is no going up in interest rates, this will also reduce inflation. We will make the final minimum wage determination figure in December.

I hope that in the next meeting (Central Bank), we should reduce the interest rate to single digits by the end of the year by lowering it a little more.

We plan to gradually increase the value of the Turkish lira by lowering the interest rate.

Those who are waiting for the Central Bank to lose its power, they will continue to lick their palms.

YOU WILL DO IT 🙁Abdulkadir Selvi’s ‘The opposition was criticizing the city hospitals, now it has stopped, how do you explain?’ on his words) By Allah, Abdulkadir Bey, you will do what is necessary from your corner. Ahmet Bey (Hakan) is doing what is necessary…

NOMINATED OF THE OPPORTUNITY: We don’t care in the slightest who will be their candidate or not. Our problem is not our problem.

It’s none of our business what comes out of that table or not. We’re allied with our friends, we’ll just mind our business

CABIN REVISION: (Are you going to change the cabinet?) Maybe, you never know. If something extraordinary happens, such a step can be taken. We are a party open to change without compromising our identity and values.

Even in football teams, it does not change from A to Z even during the transfer season. Where there is a disruption, it is checked. You keep the existing spine, you get the supplements. Wherever there are disruptions in the AK Party, I hope it will be on the basis of provinces, by subjecting the sections with disruptions to changes, within the structure of the administration.

8 months left until the election. Changing the cabinet should not be a healthy thing in terms of business administration or management. It’s like football. Look, the man is injured, what will you do? If something extraordinary happens, such a step can be taken. We are a party open to change without compromising our identity and values. We referred to the cabinet as the exchange of flags.

If there is a problem at the point of my goodbye, I am always open to say goodbye. But by opening our doors, we consider our resentful friends among the cadres of our party. AK Pati is the party founded by the nation, the AK Party is the party of the cause. There may be resentment and resentment against individuals in the case; but there is no resentment or resentment towards the cause.