Erdogan said ‘not a penny comes out of the nation’s pocket’: ‘Billion-dollar censorship’

While the resources allocated to Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects from the budget increase every year, the report, which reveals the general view including the net costs of these projects, was censored.

CHP Group Deputy Chairman Engin Altay said, “Public-Private Cooperation in the World and in Turkey”, which was published annually by the Ministry of Development and the Strategy and Budget Presidency between 2012 and 2018, for the PPP projects, which the President explained with the words “No penny comes out of the pockets of the nation”. brought the “Developments Report on the Applications” to the agenda.

According to the news of Hüseyin Şimşek from BirGün Altay asked how to reach the updated version of the report, which has not been published since 2018. In the response to Altay, it was sufficient to say, “There is no ‘Progress Report on Public-Private Partnership Practices in the World and in Turkey’ published for the years 2019, 2020 and 2021”.

CHP Group Deputy Chairman Engin Altay said in his assessment that they are faced with billions of dollars of censorship. “These reports were important because they included details about PPPs,” said Altay. In addition, the opinions, suggestions and criticisms of the bureaucracy regarding the projects in question were also included. In the reports, there were warnings such as the preparation process of the projects, the feasibility and the priority order. In addition, while the last report included a proposal for transparency, now let alone transparency, the report has been completely destroyed.”


Noting that what happened was “the result of one-man rule”, Altay also said: “One of the most distinctive features of the one-man order is blackout. They blacken everything they can’t account for. When there was a gas problem, the amount of gas in the natural gas tanks was hidden last year. Death statistics are not published. Item prices in the basket are no longer announced when the inflation monster resurrects. Censorship also came to PPP projects. It seems that, when it was revealed that more than 100 billion TL was paid for the projects that they said were done without a penny coming out of the nation’s pockets, they went for complete censorship. It is the nation’s money. The account must also be given to the nation. All of the agreements made with the companies and the changes made later in the agreements should be shared with the public. While we want to examine the contracts, they cannot tolerate even the slightest bit of information being shared. With the next election, Turkey will both change its management system and make every project that uses public funds transparent.”


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