Erdogan is determined to find a solution to the housing problem

Fixed income earners have been waiting for this announcement for days. President Erdogan, gave the start of the largest housing project in history. to his speech, “The most comprehensive in our republic’s history. social housing campaign We are together on the occasion of the promotion” starting with Erdogan, Announced the application conditions for 500 thousand residences.
Prices and payment terms are very attractive. 2+1 residences will be sold for 608 thousand liras. Monthly installments will be 2 thousand 280 liras. It is possible to own a house with installments far below the rent. I wonder what the contractors who try to sell houses at exorbitant prices will say about these prices. Due to the global economic crisis, housing prices exploded as in everything else. I predict that this project will have a major impact on inflation caused by housing.
While the table of 6 has not yet chosen who will come forward among them, there is no doubt that they will win again. Erdogan’It must be a quirk of politics to announce the biggest project in the history of the republic, which will last until 2028.

Greece continues its provocations. President of Greece Katerina Sakellaropoula, He visited Kızılhisar (Meis) opposite Antalya’s Kaş district, which is only 2.1 kilometers away from Turkey. The name of this visit, which was made in such a period, is clearly provocation. Sakelaropou in his speech here, “Our islanders We honor your patriotism. Our country has good neighborly relations. and respects international law, but in defense of national sovereignty is determined” said.
While all these are happening, the tension between Armenia and Azerbaijan continues. Armenian Prime Minister announcing 49 casualties Pashinyan, lost in 2020 “If we didn’t give land, conflicts would not end, all responsibility me too” he had declared. If only Pashinyan, Mitsotakis and Sakelaropulu’If he had called Yu, even visited him and told what happened to him, maybe they would have gotten smarter too.

Ukraine’s advance too much at once, in Russia Putin’It caused the voice of criticism against the. According to some Putin, He was deceived that Ukraine would want peace. Putin’The spokesperson of the Russian Federation, on the other hand, announced that Russia is preparing for a major attack.
Military sources say that Russia will withdraw from the north and increase its activities on the southern front and will initiate an operation that will cut off Ukraine’s relations with the sea. Regardless of the facts, Russia is still ahead in the war of perception.