Erdogan is a true statesman

Former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko CNN TURKspoke to.

Answering the question “What do you think about Turkey’s role in this conflict? Do you think there is a way to sit down with Russia under Turkish mediation?” Poroshenko used the following statements:

I have known your President Erdogan for years. We are friends. I thank him for the support he gave us during my presidency. Mainly because he did not recognize the attitude towards the Crimean Tatars and the illegal annexation of the peninsula. Now, for providing us with special weapons and observation systems in the most difficult period of our history. He is a true statesman. He’s wise. There is another point where he proves this. President Erdogan and the UN Secretary General have brought a solution to the global hunger crisis caused by Russia by blockading Ukraine’s ports. This has only happened thanks to Erdogan’s personal involvement. In his speech in Vladivostok just the other day, Putin expressed his dissatisfaction with the opening of the ports. The Ukrainian made unfounded claims about grain. Only the special role of the President of Turkey is very important here. Now I think now is a good time for President Erdogan to make the way to demilitarize Zaporizhia in the same way he used to open the Grain Corridor. Thus, it can prevent the nuclear crisis as well as solve the hunger crisis. As for the negotiations, Russia should first withdraw all its soldiers from the regions it occupied. Later, with the participation of President Erdogan, the security of the continent can be negotiated. This includes security guarantees for Russia. Because Ukraine will be a NATO member, we will not need them. Since we voluntarily gave up the world’s third largest nuclear arsenal, I think we deserve to be a member of NATO. We rely on Turkey for NATO membership and ending the war. Your role is very important.