Erdogan does not have the capacity to manage the process this time; These resignations will not be in favor of the AKP, but against it.

Former AKP deputy Op. Dr. Turhan Comezorganized crime leader Sedat PekerFormer CMB Chairman of Ali Fuat Taşkesenliogluhis brother AKP Erzurum Deputy Zehra Taskesenlioglu and Advisor to the President Serkan TaranogluHe evaluated the heavy claim of bribery in which his name was mentioned.

Turhan Çömez, Spokesperson Ruhat Mengi’answered the questions. “Sedat Peker was hosted in the palace, not before he went abroad, he shook hands with Erdoğan and gave a photograph with him. Therefore, we should not evaluate Sedat Peker only in terms of his current position,” said Çömez. Bribery offices have been established in Ankara’s luxury plazas under the name of consultancy offices, and they have very strong, dirty and intricate relations with some circles within the palace. And now people’s trust in the state and state institutions in the running of business in Ankara has been greatly shaken and bruised. For this reason, connections that go beyond extraordinary methods have now become common in Ankara. This is how I evaluate it.”

“I think Erdogan is behind the resignations”

Çömez said, “In the events up to now, 17-25 December passed and as Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu stated, those who committed the biggest robberies were rewarded and brought to important positions. In short, despite so many corruption statements, everyone has been protected until today. Although there are very important state institutions and names in this business, why are they resigning now?” He answered the question as follows:

“This is a very important question, I agree 100%. Firstly, Erdogan managed the process on 17-25 December very professionally. At that time, he set a target against himself with the power of the media and convinced the public that the process was a coup attempt against Erdoğan and the AKP government. Society too; At least the conservative base and those who voted for AKP also believed in Erdogan’s rhetoric and thought that the process was a montage and that it was professionally managed from abroad and that FETO was behind it, and they were convinced of this. Erdogan was also able to produce a grievance from this. But this is not the case this time, because there are very real photographs, documents, people are very real. There are information, documents and videos beyond just conversations, dirty relations between people, resignations, people trying to flee abroad, and people who are caught and imprisoned. There are revelations and confessions from the fights in the family.

“Erdogan has realized that he can no longer manage the process”

When we look at all this, we are experiencing a different process than the 17-15, I think Erdogan is behind the resignations that emerged today. He definitely had this process analyzed, had quick surveys done, saw that it turned against him, read it, and for this reason he ordered his interlocutors to resign. He realized that he could no longer manage the process, the dirtiness and intricacy of relations began to make a different sense in the eyes of the society, and now it has become credible.”

“I don’t think Erdogan has the capacity to manage this process this time”

Çömez also evaluated Erdoğan’s stance regarding the fact that he did not make a statement on the subject as follows:

“For several reasons; the first one wants to minimize and cover the subject because there is a concern that if he speaks, the subject will get bigger. On the other hand, he cannot yet predict what the other party has in hand, what information has reached Peker from Turkey and will be delivered. In this respect, he tries to close the event with a few silent resignations and not talking about it in order to make it a little more ineffective and insignificant. But the agenda is getting hotter, the discussions are increasing, the information, documents, confessions and disclosures reveal that the incident is actually very serious. I don’t think Erdogan has the capacity to manage this process this time.

“This time, there is great disappointment even in the AKP base”

He had convinced the society to a large extent, with his debuts, manipulations and media skills, or at least his supporters believed. But this time, there is great disappointment, resentment, anger and a feeling of being deceived even among the AKP base.”

“When the election atmosphere is entered, it will determine Turkey’s agenda with more serious disclosures”

“I believe that Erdogan has tried and will try all ways to reach an agreement with Sedat Peker, but Erdogan’s ability to manage the process has now disappeared and Peker does not seem to give up on this path just by getting his house back, his stance is extremely tough and determined. It is clear that when the election atmosphere is entered, it will determine Turkey’s agenda with more serious disclosures,” Çömez said:

“Today, these resignations will not be in favor of the AKP, but against it”

“After this time, I don’t think Erdogan will be able to manage the process, and I don’t think Peker can take a step back either. On the other hand, Erdogan had the names in the last corruption scandal resigned and these names are no longer in the palace, of course, there is no credibility for this kind of resignation process. Erdogan He does not clean the palace as he thinks. On the contrary, it increases the belief that the events are true even more strongly. If the AKP or Erdogan had carried out such operations when the AKP was in power, if they had liquidated those involved in corruption, and as promised on corruption. If he had gone decisively, his current behavior would have found meaning in the society, but I am sure that these resignations will not be in favor of the AKP, but against it.”

To Korkmaz Karaca: Sezgin Baran should give an account of the Audi he bought from Korkmaz

Regarding Korkmaz Karaca’s statement, “I did not receive a single penny of salary, vehicle, fuel from the Treasury during my tenure, now I am being lynched because of Mine Tozlu Sineren”,There is no return for these, then Sezgin Baran should give an account of the Audi he bought from Korkmaz,” said Çömez and continued as follows:

“In this disgrace scattered around, there are bribery exchanges in the palace, where the words ‘if you go to so-and-so, he will want more from you’ are circulating. How much will you clean yourself by saying, ‘I did not receive anything from the state’?

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