Erdogan and Biden to meet this month

As a NATO member, Turkey, as part of an effort to strike a balance between Moscow and Kyiv, both criticizes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and provides weapons aid to Ukraine, and continues its commercial, touristic and investment relations with Russia by opposing the sanctions against Russia.

The Turkish official said Erdogan is expected to travel to Washington in September, while the president said on Wednesday that the West’s energy policy towards Ukraine was “provocative”.

Biden and Erdogan last met at the NATO summit in Madrid in June. Following the meeting, Turkey withdrew its veto vote against the NATO membership of Sweden and Finland. Russia strongly opposes the NATO membership of the two Scandinavian countries.

At the end of the NATO summit, Biden also said that Washington should sell F-16 warplanes to Turkey and that he trusts that the necessary approval from the US Congress can be obtained for this.


Official, “After the last meeting with Biden, the US government took steps towards our demands on some issues such as F-16 aircraft. I expect similar developments to occur.” said.

The worsening of sentiment about Turkey in the US Congress in the past few years after Ankara bought Russian-made defense systems triggered sanctions against Turkey and Ankara’s removal from the F-35 program.

The official stated that the two leaders will discuss the Ukraine war, Turkey-Russia relations and the Ukraine grain deal during the meeting.

The US support for the Kurdish YPG fighters in northern Syria creates tensions between Washington and Ankara. The YPG, one of the US allies in its fight against the Islamic State militant organization, is considered a terrorist organization by Turkey.

Official, “Now a new page can be opened in Syria and the US needs to take steps in this context. Likewise, the YPG threat needs to be evaluated. Some US officials are aware of this.” said.

The official stated that Turkey-Greece relations are also likely to be discussed at the meeting. The relations of the two countries are one of the issues that cause chronic tension in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Erdogan said that if he had the opportunity to meet with the President of the United Nations when he went to the United Nations General Assembly, the steps taken by the United States (on Greece) would also be mentioned.