‘Environmentally friendly’ investments accelerated in Anadolu Isuzu


Anadolu Isuzu, one of Turkey’s commercial vehicle manufacturers, is increasing its investments in electric and alternative fuel vehicles in line with its sustainability vision. Anadolu Isuzu, which made the world launch of its new electric vehicle Big·e for the transportation sector, at the IAA Transportation held in Hannover, Germany last week, has new projects on the way.

Anadolu Isuzu General Manager Tuğrul Arıkan emphasized that Anadolu Isuzu will undertake several important investments in the coming period and said, “Our investments for both the factory and the customer are on the way. We will make investments to support our growth, especially on the bus side. We aim to grow in the defense industry as well, and we have product investment plans regarding this. We have an investment plan covering the next 4-5 years,” he said. A new electric vehicle is coming Tuğrul Arıkan announced that they are preparing for the launch of a new electric vehicle. Arıkan said that the new project is an electric bus and that they will make its world launch at the Busworld fair to be held in Belgium next year. Arıkan also stated that this bus is much more than urban passenger transportation. tourism signaled that it is a tool for the industry.

Going to stage 4 in autonomy

Tuğrul Arıkan Arıkan reminded that the brand also has important works on autonomous vehicles and said, “Currently, our autonomous bus is walking in Gebze Technical University and its studies will be completed soon. Then we will build the 4th stage autonomous bus.”

100 percent electric Big E surprise for the transportation industry

Anadolu Isuzu made the world launch of its new all-electric vehicle Big e for the transportation sector at the IAA Transportation held in Hannover, Germany last week. Tuğrul Arıkan said that this vehicle, which will be put on sale in 2024, has an annual production target of nearly 10 thousand and that the localization rate will be over 50 percent thanks to the fact that they do the battery packaging themselves. Big·e, with its compact structure and innovative electric motor, aims to respond to an important need in the “last kilometer” transportation needs of cities. Big·e, which has a volume of approximately 4 cubic meters and a carrying capacity of up to 1000 kg, offers a range of up to 150 kilometers with three different battery capacities. One of the biggest advantages of Big·e, which will initially be offered in two different versions with maximum speeds of 60 km/h and 80 km/h.

Increasing interest in NovoCITI VOLT in Europe

There is increasing interest in Europe for the electric midibus model NovoCITI VOLT, which was produced by Anadolu Isuzu in its modern facilities in Gebze Çayırova and made its first overseas delivery to France last year. Novociti VOLT attracts great attention in the cities it visits as part of the Demo Tour covering European cities and continues to receive orders. NovoCITI VOLT, which is used in public transportation services, aims to meet the priority demands of cities such as zero emissions, low noise and modernity with its fully electric motor and design. From the design stage, NovoCITI VOLT has been developed entirely in line with the public transport trends of the future. In all development stages of the vehicle, especially the needs of municipalities and public transport operators were taken into account. Providing a comfortable travel atmosphere to its passengers with its spacious and comfortable interior design, NovoCITI VOLT offers a range of up to 350 km with its 268 kWh capacity. Thanks to the batteries placed on the roof and the balanced weight distribution, the passenger capacity can reach up to 52. NovoCITI VOLT’s regenerative braking system makes a significant contribution to vehicle range and total power management. Driver Rating System of the vehicle, energy It optimizes operational efficiency with the analysis of values ​​such as consumption and the different battery capacities offered for every need.