Energy hike comes to car prices

After EMRA increased the electricity used in industry by 50.8 percent and BOTAŞ increased the natural gas used in industry by 49.5 percent, the increasing costs put the producers in a difficult situation.

With the recent hikes, the energy cost in automotive production has increased up to 15 percent. The sector officials emphasize that it is inevitable that the increasing costs will be reflected in the vehicle prices in a few months and emphasize that the price advantage for imported vehicles will narrow. It is stated that the high increase made is at a level that will cause the market to lose in exports as well.

From Dünya to Aysel Yücel speaking Hyundai officials stated that the energy hikes will reflect on the prices in a month or two.Because the profit balance over the unit cost is taken into account, there is definitely variation in prices. The domestic market is particularly affected. Since the price policy on equal terms is observed in exports, similar pricing is made for all brands. Since exports are generally in Euro, the effects of the increase in the industry are lower compared to the domestic market. But it goes abroad with a raise” said.

“It will cause us to lose competitiveness and market in exports”

President of Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters’ Association (OIB) Baran Celik, Emphasizing that the energy hikes made to the industry are at such a level that they will lose the market in exports,Unfortunately, the industry has lost its joy due to energy hikes. An increase was made in such a way as to cause us to lose our competitiveness in exports and therefore to lose the market. A support mechanism should be established in export-specific energy tariffs” he said.

The increase in automobile prices in the last 2 months is 200 percent

In Turkey, on the other hand, prices are rising much faster due to the increase in the exchange rate and the tax system. In the last two years alone, automobile prices in Turkey have increased by more than 200 percent.

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