Empty seats in Macron’s speech at the UN spark controversy

Empty seats in Macron’s speech became the agenda

While Macron’s speech, in which he raised the tone of his voice from time to time, drew reaction in Africa, the fact that the hall was mostly empty became the agenda on social media.

Twitter users commented that “France has lost its charm” by frequently sharing different images revealing that the hall was mostly empty during Macron’s speech.

French politician Fran├žois Asselineau tweeted that Macron was horribly humiliated. Three-quarters of the countries were absent during his speech.” He stated that the hall was full during the speech of the most powerful and able to listen to the leaders of the UN General Assembly.

Stating that three-quarters of the delegations prefer to rest or smoke in the cafeteria than to listen to Macron, Asselineau said that despite the efforts of the French media to shine, Macron was not taken into account. FranceHe argued that he belittled the world in the eyes of the world.


French far-right politician Eric Laqua also shared the image of Macron raising his hands on the podium and the photo of the largely empty hall side by side, making the assessment that Macron is facing the decline of France’s position at the UN podium.

A Twitter user also drew attention to Macron’s active state on the podium, his gestures and facial expressions, and used the expression “an empty speech in an empty hall”.

A user named Duval Philippe said, “This image at the UN clearly shows that France’s image has dropped since Macron came. His arrogance and condescending attitude has isolated us from the world.” He criticized the French media’s exaggerated praise of Macron.

In addition to these comments, many Twitter users also argued that Macron made a very good speech on behalf of France.

On the other hand, it was noted that the seats were mostly empty during Macron’s speech at the UN tribune, in the footage broadcast by the French BFMTV television channel.


Speaking at the UN for 30 minutes, the French President said, “One thing is certain, while I am speaking to you right now, Russian forces are in Ukraine. As far as I know, Ukrainian forces are not in Russia. This is what is happening. We should all look at this.” His words also drew reaction in Africa.

African activist Nathalie Yamb quoted footage of Macron saying these words, “One thing is certain, while speaking to you, French troops are stationed in the islands of Niger, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Djibouti and Madagascar, and as far as I know, the troops of these countries are heading towards France. not deployed.” shared his statement.

A user also shared the graphic showing the French troops in Africa, calling for maximum pressure on Macron to withdraw his troops from Africa, and emphasized that France is one of the countries that have a military base on the continent.

* Images of the news are provided by the Associated Press.

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