Emiliano Martinez earthquake! Shock development after Argentina’s cup victory…

2022 World Cup Argentina’s goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez is in danger of being fired.

Argentina and Aston Villa’s goalkeeper drew a lot of criticism as he was on the agenda with his celebrations after the big victory.

According to the news in the British press, Aston Villa Manager Unai Emery is complaining about Emiliano Martinez. After celebrating Argentina’s victory, Emery allegedly tried to persuade the club to sell Martinez.

Aston Villa’s new coach said: “When you have big feelings, sometimes it’s hard to control it. I’ll talk to him next week about some celebrations. But I respect that he’s in the national team for now. Whenever it’s our responsibility, then we can talk.” ” criticized in his words.

If Aston Villa sends Martinez, whose contract is still ongoing, he can also earn a significant testimonial income from here.


In the event that Emiliano Martinez is fired from the team, another glove that marked the 2022 World Cup is Yassine Bono.

The successful goalkeeper was among the leading figures in the fairy tale Moroccan wrote in Qatar.


The actions of Emiliano Martinez, who could not protect his goal against Mbappe in the match, but did not allow a goal against Kolo Mouani in 120 + 3 and became a giant in his castle in penalties, during the award ceremony and the celebrations in Argentina, drew a great reaction from the French front.

Named the best goalkeeper of the 2022 World Cup, Martinez presented the Golden Gloves with the award in a way that could be interpreted as being offensive to French fans.

The images of the 30-year-old goalkeeper, who drew reaction with his actions at the award ceremony, silenced his teammates and said “1 minute silence for Mbappe” during the celebrations in the locker room were also reflected on social media.

The last event that overflowed the glass on the French front took place at the parade in Argentina. In the show of Messi and his friends, who greeted millions of Argentines in an open-top bus, Martinez was again in the lead role. The Aston Villa goalkeeper, holding a doll with a picture of Mbappe in his lap, drew a huge reaction. The reaction of the French front was directed towards both Martinez and Messi, Mbappe’s teammate from PSG.


Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez was one of the heroes of this match, as in the semi-finals against Croatia. Martinez, 120+3. He did not allow Kolo Muani’s goal in the minute and brought the trophy to his country on penalties. Solving Argentina’s long-standing goalkeeper problem, Martinez prevented the match from prolonging with a last-second save against Australia in the last 16.

Martinez, who made two saves in the Netherlands match, which went to penalties in the quarter-finals, also prevented Kolo Muani’s net shot in the facing position in the France match, and scored an extraordinary goalkeeper performance.

Emiliano Martinez earthquake shock development after Argentina's cup victory

‘Dad couldn’t pay bills’

When Emiliano Martinez was spotted in his junior year trials in 2010, he decided to leave his family and go to Ada… Martinez made his decision at that time, “I saw my brother and mother crying saying ‘Please don’t go’. But I saw my father crying late at night because he couldn’t pay the bills. So I had to be brave back then because I said ‘yes’ to them.”


The 30-year-old goalkeeper, who started his career with the Oxford team in England’s fourth league, later went to Arsenal, but did not have much chance to play there. Playing on loan from many different teams in Ada, Martinez moved to Reading’s goal in the 2018/19 season, one of the English Championship teams. After a long time as a reserve goalkeeper, Emiliano played regularly for this club and showed a steady performance this time at Arsenal the following season.

The Argentine goalkeeper, who started 22 games in the starting 11, made his way to Aston Villa with his performance here. Martinez, who played 93 games in 3 seasons, found stability with the Premier League team, and with this performance, he became one of the first names to be included in the squad by coach Lionel Scaloni.

On the other hand, the joy of Emiliano Martinez, who received the “Golden Glove” award for the best goalkeeper of the tournament, was archived as unforgettable moments.


Transfermarkt According to the data, the current market value of Martinez appears to be 25 million euros. This figure is likely to increase after the World Cup. Martinez’s market value was 2.8 million euros while playing for Arsenal in 2020.

It is in this position, which has had problems in the goalkeeper position for many years and where circulation is the most. Emiliano Martinezwhile removing all the question marks; He proved his quality once again by being selected as the best goalkeeper of the tournament in America’s Cup in 2021.