Elon Musk’s sharing became a cryptocurrency


Fed After the words of President Jerome Powell, American stock markets closed with losses of more than 3 percent last week, while crypto money exchanges reached 70 billion dollars. dollar lost. Although the crypto markets have been fluctuating in response to global economic developments for about 3 months, entrepreneurs did not hesitate to announce new projects. Inspiration for these projects Elon Musk‘s post on Twitter and offers an anti-inflation system Doge Floki A new altcoin named has been added. Evaluating the developments on the subject, Doge Floki Coin Marketing Director Elvis Jain said, “The crypto community focuses on buying potential promising altcoin projects from the bottom during the downturns of the markets. Doge Floki was developed with a community-oriented approach to respond to this demand from investors.”



One of the most popular altcoins and turned into a phenomenal cryptocurrency in a very short time. dogecoinOn November 2, 2021, user named Shibetoshi Nakamoto, the creator of “I have decided who will be the next fake CEO of Dogecoin, I will reveal soon” shared. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, said to this post, “How about my dog ​​Floki? He would be a great CEO!” replied by sharing. Stating that Doge Floki was inspired by Floki Inu and DogeCoin, created by fans of Shiba Inu, the popular Ethereum variant of Dogecoin and supported by Elon Musk, Elvis Jain said, “Doge Floki Coin is DogeCoin with the support of Elon Musk. It stands out as a new cryptocurrency born to compete with the The more investors hold the cryptocurrency that uses the abbreviation $DOFI, the more chances they have to win. Because the $DOFIs sold are burned, which increases the value of the currency. Doge Floki thus creates an ecosystem that encourages the investor to hold their tokens and enjoy the rewards.”



Reminding that Doge Floki was developed as a deflationist with an approach that is the exact opposite of inflation, and is valued as long as it is held, Jain concluded his evaluations with the following statements:

“5 percent of transactions made with Doge Floki created on Binance Smart Chain, with a total of 420 quadrillion offerings, are automatically redistributed to investors. On the other hand, 2 percent of the amount sold is destroyed, thereby increasing the value of the cryptocurrency. 4 percent of each transaction is reserved for liquidity so that a stable price floor can be established. Investors can access the project’s roadmap, technical documentation and detailed information on our website.”


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