Eggs, flour and chicken will be sold to the public at low prices in Iraq

Speaking to Iraqi news agency INA, Mohammad Hannun, Spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, said that eggs, flour and chicken, which are considered basic foodstuffs, will be offered for sale at the sales centers established below the market price.

Hannun added that they are vigilant against possible price increases in the units created on the subject.

Mohammad Huzayi, spokesman of the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture, told INA on January 13 that the reasons for the increase in egg prices were as follows:

“The increase in egg prices in neighboring countries was also reflected in our market. The increase in chicken feed prices also increased the price of domestic eggs. Every year, during these periods, the demand for eggs increases and the issue of supply and demand arises. Imported eggs are needed because local eggs are not enough.”


Noting that the government’s previous decision from the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government (IKRG) to ban egg products from being delivered to central and southern cities was lifted, Huzayi noted that this could lead to a decrease in egg prices.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Agriculture added that an increase will be made in the feed rates given to chicken producers in the country with the support of the state.

However, Huzayi’s statements a week ago did not yield the expected result, and egg and chicken prices almost doubled during this time.


Iraq’s local currency, the dinar, is losing value against the US dollar. This situation causes an increase in the price of food products, some of which are based on imports in the market.

Although the Central Bank of Iraq has set 1 US dollar as 1470 dinars, the exchange rate has risen to 1650 dinars in recent days.