Economist: Turkey has its own center of gravity

The magazine wrote that Ankara was acting independently from Europe. It was stated that President Erdogan did a good job in the Ukraine crisis.

Turkey’s strategic location connecting Asia and Europe was on the agenda in England.

London-based The Economist magazine, “Turkey’s new aggressive foreign policy: It has turned into a strange ally for the West” He signed an analysis titled

“Turkey is not on the periphery of Europe”

Stating that Ankara is accused of leaving the West by some quarters, “Turkish officials say they were the ones who were abandoned.” it was said.

It was stated that Turkey does not position itself on the periphery of Europe and as part of a single sphere of influence, but has its own center of gravity.

“They can’t afford to lose Turkey”

“NATO cannot afford to lose Turkey.” In the analysis using the expression “(President) Erdogan has become even more uncompromising on national security. Regarding the operation in Syria, he said in November, ‘We will not get permission from anyone’.” findings were included.

“He made breakthroughs in Africa and Central Asia”

On the other hand, it was emphasized that Turkey has made strides in Africa and Central Asia in the last 10 years, the popularity of Turkish TV series has increased, and many countries are lining up to buy Turkish SÄ°HAs in addition to the success of Turkish Airlines.

“Erdogan did a good job”

Reminding that Ankara stands out as a mediator between Russia and Ukraine, “Erdogan has done a good job of easing Russia’s naval blockade of Ukraine, resuming grain exports by sea, and negotiating prisoner swaps.” it was said.

“Threats to block Finland and Sweden”

In the same analysis, “Turkey is important to NATO. Turkish soldiers have participated in missions in Afghanistan, the Baltic, Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia. But they threaten to block Finland and Sweden from joining NATO.” statements were conveyed.

It was underlined that President Erdogan forced the Helsinki and Stockholm administrations to extradite the suspects in order to complete their membership process to the military alliance.