Ecem Erkek wrote the comment that is likely to come to the weight he lost

Actress Ecem Erkek, who is counting the days for the release of her movie Müjdemi I Want, in which she starred with actor Ahmet Kural, appears before her followers on social media posts during this time.

Ecem Erkek, who is known by the masses for the character of Naime he portrayed in the program called Güldür Güldür, made an important decision before he parted ways with the program and divorced his wife, Yüce Armağan Erkek, with whom he was married in 2016.

After parting ways with the program called Güldür Güldür, Ecem Erkek, who met his fans with many different projects, also draws attention with the weight he lost. The beautiful actress, who does not neglect her sports and loses 10 kilos by changing her lifestyle, shared her happiness with her lovers with a selfie she shared on her Instagram account.

Ecem did not neglect to refer to the gossip made by people who are jealous of the weight she lost and comments from some of her followers with the humorous note she shared.

Here are those lines of Ecem Erkek:

“You’ve changed a lot Ecem, we love you when you’re 10 kilos overweight. I wish you didn’t do moves to balance your cholesterol. You were more beautiful when you were out of breath while walking”