Ece Erken filed a complaint against Benan Kocadereli

Early, who lost her lawyer husband as a result of the armed attack, filed a lawsuit against her ex-wife, Benan Kocadereli, who implied her about inheritance.

Ece Erken, who lost her husband Şafak Mahmutyazıcıoğlu in January, began to receive threats before her pain subsided.

Allegedly, Erken, who received threatening messages from her husband’s brother, “You’re down on your brother’s property.” had given the answer.

Ece Erken’s response to this answer came from Mahmutyazıcıoğlu’s ex-wife Benan Kocadereli.

“Another kidnapper”

Kocadereli, in the message he sent to a magazine program, “There is no such thing, everything is within my knowledge. It’s not the smuggling, it’s his name. It’s all Naz and Eda’s. The real smuggler is someone else” used the words.

Ece Erken, who was the target of the allegation of “someone else smuggling goods”, contacted her lawyers in response to these sentences.

Ece Erken filed a complaint against Benan Kocadereli #1

Complained about ex-wife

Early, who filed a complaint against Benan Kocadereli, filed a lawsuit.

The following statements were conveyed in the complaint petition submitted to the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office;

“Our client implied Ece Erken”

“Benan Kocadereli is the ex-wife of our client’s deceased wife, Şafak Mahmutyazıcıoğlu, as well as the mother of Naz and Eda. The suspect texted the program commentator, ‘Someone else who smuggled property’ and said: news commentators also implied our client Ece Erken.

Our client stated that he refused the inheritance of his deceased wife months ago and stated that he would only pursue his wife’s murderers. With the statements he made through a magazine program, the suspect is trying to form an opinion that our client aspires to the money he obtained from the life insurance of his wife, whose refusal he inherited, and tries to humiliate our client in front of the public.

Ece Erken filed a complaint against Benan Kocadereli #2

“It is intended to offend honor and dignity”

The action taken is intended to offend the honor, honor and dignity of our client, who explained that he had inherited the refusal before and that he did not have any demand for his wife’s estate.”

Ece Erken filed a complaint against Benan Kocadereli #3

Ece Erken filed a complaint against Benan Kocadereli #4

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