Ebru Akel talked about what happened between her and rapper Sefo

Description of ‘Sefo’ by Ebru Akel

Organized by the Magazine Journalists Association ’26. The ‘Golden Lens Awards’ ceremony was held on Monday, October 3, with the participation of famous names. Ebru Akel and Murat Güloğlu were the hosts of the night, which SHOW TV supported as the media sponsor. The famous rap singer Sefo also attended the ceremony.

Allegedly; Ebru Akel wanted to take a photo with Sefo, but Sefo refused Akel’s request by saying “I don’t know you”. Upon these news, Ebru Akel responded to the allegations in the live broadcast of the program ‘Ebru & Murat Bu Sabah’ broadcast on SHOW TV. Akel said, “It’s nonsense, don’t try to make any material out of it. We don’t have that tension. On the contrary, we had a lot of fun with this situation. When I said ‘let’s take a picture’ backstage on the night of the ceremony, Sefo said very politely, “I sleep in the morning so I don’t know you.” He said. I told this on stage. Love and greetings to Sefo from here. We just met,” he said.

Ebru Akel, who showed the audience the photo they took with Sefo on the live broadcast, said, “We have different abilities besides just reading what I have on stage. That’s why we are here. That’s why we play a little bit on the stage and make a joke out of the events. He underlined that the incident was just a joke.

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