Earthquake in the French Football Federation! President Noel Le Graet fired after Zidane comments

France Football Federation President Noel Le Graet was dismissed as a result of an extraordinary meeting of the federation executive committee. The following statements were used in the statement made by the Executive Committee of the French Football Federation:

As a result of the extraordinary meeting held in Paris today Sport He agreed to resign from his post pending the conclusion of the investigation launched by the Ministry. The Executive Committee also decided to dismiss Florence Hardouin, general manager of the French Football Federation.

As a result of these decisions, Philippe Diallo, who serves as the vice president of the French Football Federation, will take care of these two duties temporarily.

The committee also approved the new contract with Didier Deschamps until 2026.


Le Graet, who gave an interview to RMC Sport after the contract of National Team coach Didier Deschamps was extended until 2026, reminded that the French legend Zidane was also idle; “Is Zidane going to Brazil? I have nothing to say. I have nothing to say. He can go wherever he wants. He can go to a big club in Europe, he can also coach the national team. It’s not my problem. Hello sir, don’t worry, you will find a club, keep looking. Shall I say, ‘I’m continuing with Deschamps? Zidane can arrange a special program for himself in a club or in the national team,’ he used the words and mixed up.

France The French public, especially Kylian Mbappe, the star of the National Team, had a great reaction to Le Graet, and even Real Madrid made a statement of condemnation.

he apologized

After the backlash increased, Le Graet apologized for his statements about Zidane.

“I gave RMC an interview that I shouldn’t have given because they were the two big names in French football, Didier and Zinedine. ZidaneThey were looking for an argument by opposing . I admit that I said some formless words that caused misunderstanding. I apologize for these words that absolutely do not reflect my thoughts on his playing and coaching.”