Dursun Zbek: “Yaar Kemal Uurlu is not the referee but also well-intentioned”

In Galatasaray, the anger towards Gaziantep mann referee Yaar Kemal Uurlu does not go away, he even bears it.

The yellow reds were concerned about referee Yaar Kemal Uurlu, who had a great reaction with the second yellow card against Abdlkerim in the 45th minute of the game played against Gaziantep last week, this time from Dursun Zbek, who looked at him personally. In the yellow reds, the reproach made by Deputy Minister of Sportive A.. Erden Timur against TFF Minister Mehmet Bykeki between the half-time was signed by Uzbek.


While club ministers, technical directors and football players were visiting to get a ship against the attack against the TFF, with the organization of the Union of Handles, Dursun Zbek, who was the minister of the yellow reds, attacked MHK Minister Sabri elik harshly in the organization in Riva. Steel, who attended the meeting, started to explain to all club ministers about the appointment of referees with artificial intelligence, then the Uzbek intervened. “Minister, Yaar Kemal Uurlu is assigned our salary according to which algorithm?” posed the question.


Sabri elik, who started to explain the system, stated that Uurlu came first in Galatasaray’s referee candidate ranking. Upon this, Dursun Zbek intervened again. “You’re telling what you know. I’m asking you a question. Then answer my question. How does Uurlu get appointed to our salary? Who manages this algorithm? Why does he come first?” he rebelled. Sabri elik’s “According to your refereeing performance” zbek on yant “I’ll bring your referee, Yaar Kemal Uurlu is a bad and malicious person! Not a referee, but with good intentions!” He replied with his words.

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