Don’t worry if the lemon molds or rots quickly – it won’t spoil for months with this technique.

How to store lemon for months without spoiling? If your lemons are moldy or spoiling quickly, here are the techniques you need to know.

Lemon is one of the most beneficial foods in the world. If the lemon you buy from the market or market is perishable, don’t worry. We will share great information for you. Thanks to this information you will learn, your lemons will neither deteriorate nor mold.

First, we would like to explain why the lemon turns moldy.

As a result of the breaking of the bonds between the particles in the lemon and the emergence of other bonds, it quickly molds as a result of the changes in its internal structure. Molding is defined as a reaction of the substance to a chemical change. Most of the time, lemons can become moldy even if they are kept in the refrigerator.

So what should be done to prevent the lemon from becoming moldy?

It is actually very practical to store lemons without spoiling for a long time. According to what was quoted on; The first rule is clear to keep lemons intact for a long time. Do not take more than necessary. The second rule is to keep it in the refrigerator.

– If the lemon is not sliced, it can be stored in the refrigerator for 5 or 6 days. At the end of this period, a rapid deterioration process begins.

– If the lemons are sliced, then they must be wrapped in a cling film. If you do not have cling film at hand, then you can store the sliced ​​lemons by putting the lemons in the jar in an airtight manner. Thus, it will be possible to safely store lemons without drying and hardening.


– In the same way, it is possible to store the lemon juice in an airtight way by placing it in a jar. You can use this lemon juice whenever you want. The only thing you need to pay attention to here is that you do not use plastic bottles. Plastic bottles because they are very harmful. A study on the harms of plastic bottles is quite frightening.

Every day, new information about the harms of plastic bottles comes to light. Plastic bottles do not go out of our lives because of their low cost and the fact that people think they are more practical. According to the news in the British newspaper Daily Mail; Tamara Galloway, Professor of Ecotoxicology at the University of Exeter, who made dire statements about plastic bottles, said, “Most people do not know that there are even small plastic particles in the air.”

Plastic bottles contain harmful amounts of homogenizers, brighteners and colorants that provide durability and flexibility. However, the most important of these harmful substances is perhaps the presence of petroleum residues in it.


Therefore, it would be best to store lemon juice in a glass jar. Of course, for this method, you must peel the lemons and remove the seeds. Because lemon seeds are also very harmful.

Lemon seeds cannot be ground in the stomach. A warning was also shared in Sözcü regarding this issue.

Since the lemon seed cannot be ground in the stomach and therefore cannot be thrown out, the appendix becomes full. The appendix swells and swells, if you don’t want to fill the burst level with lemon seeds, think twice before eating or squeezing lemons.


Lemon Seed has divided dietitians and experts. Some say it does not have any effect, while others say it is very dangerous because it fills the appendicitis we have defended above. No one has said it’s useful yet. Therefore, let’s be careful not to swallow it as much as we can, even if it is not harmful.



Whichever method you use, it is of great importance that you peel the lemons and cut them in half and store them. Thus, it can keep lemons intact for longer; You can consume it whenever you want in a delicious way. Especially if you usually use half a lemon, you should be careful to buy small lemons. In this way, you will get rid of waste and you can use your lemons whenever you want. You will be able to store lemons, which are used in many places with their different benefits, for a long time in this way.