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Good news came from public banks. A large amount of payment will be made to everyone who carries the pension. Halkbank, Vakıfbank and Ziraat Bank announced their new figures for those who want to benefit from promotional payments. Here is the information about the promotional campaign that citizens with a pension can benefit from.

In the new campaign launched for citizens receiving pensions, it was informed that both loan and promotional payments were increased. Halkbank also announced that it offers general purpose loans with the realization of applications made through your pension account. For those who want to take advantage of these campaigns, all the details are in our news.

In the new campaign launched for citizens who receive a pension from Halkbank, it has been announced that 5 thousand TL will be given to 10 thousand TL and higher salaries in pension promotion payments, which were previously given at low limits. Those who will carry their pension to Halkbank can complete their application by making a commitment for 3 years. It will make a payment of 5 thousand TL, and in addition to the need for a loan, it has been given the opportunity to use loans with low interest rates.


It has been announced that Halkbank will make a payment of 5 thousand TL to retirees. In addition to salaries, the higher the promotion amount, the more retirees can benefit from the opportunities offered by banks. Recently, there has been an increase in promotional payments of 750 TL. Many retirees can also benefit from the campaigns offered by the bank if they are considering moving their salary to Halkbank. Those who want to apply can go to the nearest Halkbank branch and complete the salary transfer process.