Don’t oppose the opposition – SALİH TUNA

Doğan Akın’s Jurassic Park me to the troll trolls/peevil dissidents I informed you he aimed, that is Media Ombudsmen on me Faruk Notifierthey launched .
He didn’t eat or drink and located the publication of my article “odd”. As you possibly can see, he needed to “censor” my article!
You ask why?
The Turkish that means of the phrase “to take a seat on the lap” is understood. GulsenIt was apparent that I used to be concentrating on and humiliating her as a girl. If these sexist, discriminatory and insulting statements “alienation impact” May I additionally use these phrases for a politician, if I exploit them as I could not use it, and I should not have!..
So says His Excellency the Ombudsman.
Let me reply: I exploit, they’re used, they use.
As a result of there may be not the Turkish equal of the phrase “to take a seat on one’s lap”, however the verbalized model of the verb.
Gulsen He went to considered one of his concert events and sat on the lap of one of many viewers, and the media introduced this with the headlines “Gülşen sat on the lap of the viewers”, accompanied by movies and images. I emphasised this information in my humble article.
That’s, within the aforementioned expression “he sat on the lap” metaphor no implication, no allegory, no metaphor. There’s to say what occurred, to specific what occurred concretely.
Briefly, “if somebody sits on the lap, he sits on the lap”. (Have a look at the sentence that Ombudsman made me say, oh my God!)
Our job is basically powerful!
How will you clarify what the Ombudsman is to the sociology!
For instance, if you’ll defend even Turkish, you’ll defend in opposition to Arabic. If you’re flawed and defend in opposition to English, particularly when you oppose English training or signage, President Erdoganhow a lot by insulting “dissident” It’s a must to present that you’re.
Or you’ll burn!
Though, being an “opposition” alone doesn’t excuse the “sin” of defending Turkish in opposition to English.
However, a minimum of, when you handle to fall into the class of “loopy” or “ignored”, you keep away from being lynched.
When you have not each defended Turkish and demonstrated how strongly you’re an opponent, you won’t be able to keep away from being blacklisted.
For instance, Ali Tufan Kirac didn’t survive. Clearly, they crossed out his title a couple of years in the past as a result of he mentioned that English training harms Turkish.
His fame, artwork, musicianship and being the largest consultant of Anadolu Rock at present couldn’t stop him from being on the black checklist.
What a “sin” to say that English training harms Turkish; BarrenHe couldn’t save Atatürkism, patriotism and nationalism from their evil. Ozgur DemirtasBeing lynched the opposite day for criticizing the nonsense of blocking him on Twitter is a continuum of being on the blacklist.
Have a look at this example: Everywhere in the world, singers have fan bases, now we have economists!
“Whitened Turk” of Urfa origin Free Demirtas provides economic system concert events blessed. Did you criticize the federal government, what would you say? Inform me, you are pretty much as good as giving a live performance, zahir.
Probably the most attention-grabbing response to Kıraç was “Do not oppose the opposition”.
It signifies that they got here this far to say “Do not oppose the opposition”!
Each PKK and FETO are “opposition”. Will they are saying to them, “Don’t oppose the opposition”?
Although Burak HaktanirThe perspective of the “pro-global system opposition media” and people within the corridor to the response of Turkey on the competition in opposition to those that attempt to painting Turkey as “conflict criminals” is a sign of what they may name.
It’s permissible to painting Turkey as a “conflict legal” by slandering the TAF after changing into an “opposition”.