Donald Trump allegedly wanted to fire his daughter and son-in-law, who served as his chief advisor

Journalist Maggie Haberman written by “Man of Confidence: The birth of Donald Trump and America’s downfall” includes notes on Trump’s term in the White House.

In the copy of the book, which will be released next week, during a meeting Trump held at the White House with then Chief of Staff John Kelly and White House Legal Counsel Don McGhan, posting on his Twitter account that his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Kushner will leave the White House. stated he wanted.

It was recorded that Kelly blocked Trump at that moment and asked permission to talk to his daughter and son-in-law before such a post.

Haberman, who wrote that Trump did not talk about this issue again after that day, claimed that his daughter and son-in-law also stayed at the White House during Trump’s presidency, but that Trump’s son-in-law Kushner was often belittled and ridiculed, seeing him as “inefficient”.

Focusing mostly on the Trump presidency, the book also included information about how the former president resisted rejection of white racists and wanted a drug-producing factory in Mexico to be bombed.

In the book, Haberman also referred to the former President’s New York days before the White House.To fully account for Donald Trump’s presidency and his political future, people need to know where he came from.‘ he used the phrase.

Haberman shared the information that he interviewed more than 250 people, including Trump three times, and some of his aides and advisers, for his 607-page book.

Trump’s spokesman, Taylor Budowich, called the book “inaccurate and boring,” adding that “President Trump is focused on saving America, and there’s nothing fake news can do about it.” used the phrase.