Domenec Torrent can’t leave Turkey – Football

Domenec Torrent, who is rich thanks to Galatasaray, cannot leave Turkey. The Spanish teacher, who won 1.2 million Euros last season and filed a lawsuit for nearly 2 million Euros in compensation, did not vacate his house in Istanbul. Torrent, who has no career plan, both tours the city and does a lot of shopping…

Having experienced one of the worst periods in its history last season, Galatasaray parted ways with Fatih Terim in January. After Terim, the management brought Domenec Torrent to the technical position.

There was no success in the Spanish coach’s career other than being an assistant to Guardiola. Torrent left the yellow-red club by earning the biggest money of his life.


The 60-year-old coach, who received a salary of 1.2 million Euros from Galatasaray for only 6 months, is expected to put another 2 million Euros in his pocket after the compensation case he filed against the club.

Torrent, despite leaving Galatasaray, can not leave Turkey. The Spanish teacher, who spent most of the summer on vacation in Çeşme and Alaçatı, is now appearing in Istanbul. Torrent, who does not vacate his house in Istanbul, does a lot of shopping while traveling all the time. It is read because of the happiness of the Spanish teacher, who has no career plan at the moment and lives a ‘luxury life’ thanks to the money he receives from Galatasaray.


Domenec Torrent, who played 20 games at the head of the yellow-red team, only got 7 wins. The Spanish coach had averaged 1.3 points.

It is stated that Torrent, who did not receive any offers from Spain or any other country after his Galatasaray career ended, is seriously considering not to be a coach from now on.


Domenec Torrent, one of the names that followed the footsteps of Pep Guardiola most of his career, played 521 matches with the legendary coach.

Torrent, who worked as a coach before joining Guardiola’s team in 2007 and after leaving in 2018, managed the team in a total of 86 matches until he came to Galatasaray.

Torrent won 44 victories in these matches and left the field with a loss 29 times.

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