Does the world need humans to exist?

Tamtams are ringing! Most of the stealers are advocates of policies that elevate the power, dominance and growth of capital! “Alas, autocrats, extreme rightists, fascist tendencies, those who oppose the established order of the world, will bury Western democracy in its grave.”

Yes, this is the way it is.


While liars, fake reporters, oppressors, destroyers of freedom are pushing societies towards new darkness, why not have you created this situation with the neoliberal dogmas of the capital you are defending?!

Transforming the world into a small global village “A just world order” Could you have created this situation when you did not make the slightest effort to establish it?

“Global village”Could it be that only the policies of rich countries and corporations to maximize their own profits and constantly profit in trade and constantly overwhelm other countries have summoned the darkness?

In countries like ours, your big companies have strengthened the power of all bad values ​​in the country by bribing corrupt rulers and politicians to get tenders, by encouraging injustice, corruption and bribery in the country, and then they start the race to bury the democracy and human rights and freedoms and human values ​​that you complain about. could it have started?


Could you have turned a blind eye to the terrible injustices and income inequalities in the world? Could you have served to increase poverty and inequalities by not opening big campaigns against these policies of rich countries and not warning the people against this?

An unequal world in all respects! It is clear that the enormous inequalities between regions, geographies and countries have triggered great migration movements of millions of people, that the society is conservative, more racist, more right-wing, to protect its welfare. melody‘s, Marine Le PenI don’t know, who in Sweden could be bringing the right-wing extremists to power?

Thanks to these policies Bolsonaro Could you be promoting the power of and the like?


You will not see an unequal world and your policies, which provoke conflicts between countries, escalate nationalist-racist feelings, and raise demagogues, cheats, liars, politicians who risk everything to be in power by distracting them from real problems.

You do not want to understand at all that your hegemony-building policies have brought the conflicts between the blocs to a world where nuclear wars are talked about.

I’m not going to say that you are not aware of the fact that cooperation, more equality and shared prosperity are a necessary and necessary condition with this tiny global village, what the hell is your author, your commentator, your politician, who understands the world so much?

Does humanity need you to strengthen your NATO and transform it into a war organization that will protect your interests around the world?

Or big policies, big ideas, big oppositions that will render all defense-war organizations dysfunctional, develop the basic principles of coexistence, and minimize armament?

Neither you nor anyone else gains from this insistence on making societies throw up arms and spilling blood on the world. All living and non-living things in the world…


No, extreme rightists have come to power in Sweden.

No Meloni will pull Italy to the far right, MussoliniHe would revive.

No, Marine Le Pen will come to power in France.

Democracy, freedoms, human rights are in danger…

Cart curt…

The monster you created will suffocate you.

The problem of the “Global Small Village” is universal and general. All the deep disturbances experienced there are the problems of all countries. In the end, every country is heavily billed in some way.

Unless we can live as happy people of a true global village, unless the unjust and inequality policies of every country and every politician protecting their own interests, excluding, exploiting, oppressing others are buried in the grave.

Expect all kinds of crap, including Atom.

The world lives in the past, not the future.

This world doesn’t need humans to exist.