Do you know you have 3 days left?

Halkbank A new cash loan campaign will be given to those who will apply within 3 days in the new cash campaign launched for citizens who have an account on the Internet, to benefit from the free loan options of 50000 TL without income certificate.

HalkbankWhile continuing to provide support loans to citizens with the campaigns it has made, it is the first choice of citizens who are constantly up-to-date, researching the loan campaigns of banks, as it gives loans with low interest rates.

HalkbankWith the news published on the official website, it was said that these campaigns, which will be launched only for individual citizens, will be able to get credit approval by making their applications at any time if they comply with the conditions.

HalkbankIn the 100000 TL loan campaign launched by the Bank, on its official website and on its own social media accounts, the bank requires the individuals and insured citizens to have been working in their last workplaces for 6 months as insured. If the insured citizens want to use consumer loans, they will be able to perform their transactions and use loans quickly without going to the branches. Halkbank will give results within 5 minutes to citizens in need of cash in these campaigns, which they have started for citizens working as insured, and they will be able to use these approved loans whenever they want.

Through these campaigns, where you can also apply through your pension account, if you receive your salary through Halkbank, you will receive a loan result within 5 minutes, and you will use the approved loan by depositing it into our accounts within the same day. Citizens who want to apply for consumer loans through Halkbank’s official website should also enter their date of birth information along with their identity information and enter the verification code in the message that will be sent to their mobile phone.

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