Discussions about sabotage of Nord Stream pipelines continue

Making a statement on behalf of the EU, EU High Representative for Foreign Relations and Security Policy Josep Borrell stated that they are concerned about the damage to the pipelines in the Baltic Sea and the resulting leaks.

Emphasizing that safety and environmental concerns are the top priority, Borrell said:

“These events are no coincidence and affect us all. All information shows that the leaks were the result of deliberate action. We will support any investigation aimed at clarifying what happened and why, and we will take steps to increase our resilience in energy security. Intentional actions that disrupt the European energy infrastructure are unacceptable and united.” will be met with firm response.”


Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said, “These are very worrying news. We are talking about some kind of damage to the pipeline and we don’t know what kind of damage it is yet.”

Peskov also said, “It cannot be ruled out that the damage to the Nord Stream line may have been caused by sabotage. This is an energy security issue for the entire continent.”

In a statement made by the Kremlin today, the allegations that they made the sabotage themselves were evaluated as “absurd and stupid”. It was announced that it is not known exactly when the situation will be resolved.


Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, in the Baltic Sea, RussiaHe said he “couldn’t rule out” the possibility of sabotage if three leaks occur in the pipeline going from Turkey to Europe.

Stating that it is difficult for three leaks close to each other to be a coincidence and strengthens the possibility of sabotage, Frederiksen noted that he cannot “ignore” the possibility of sabotage regarding the leaks detected in the pipeline.

The authorities evaluated that the leak does not pose a risk to energy resources and that its environmental impact will be limited. “Authorities and government are monitoring the situation closely,” said Danish Energy Minister Dan Jorgensen. used the phrase.

Danish Energy Agency Spokesperson Kristoffer Böttzauw also said that the crack that caused the leak was not small and leaks occurred from large holes.


In the statement made by Nord Stream AG, the executive company of Nord Stream 1, it was stated that the pressure in two lines had decreased. In the statement, it was noted that the reason for the drop in pressure was being investigated.

In another statement made today, Nord Stream AG reported that the pressure in Nord Stream 2, which was not put into operation but filled with natural gas, also decreased.

Danish navy officials also announced that a gas leak was detected in Nord Stream 2, which passes through the country’s territorial waters.

* Images of the news are provided by the Associated Press.