Discounts are coming in natural gas and electricity

government for electricity and gas ‘discount gospel’ was prepared to give. Accordingly, President Tayyip Erdogan will announce the discounts before the New Year.

Erdogan is preparing for the ‘good news’ of discounts for natural gas and electricity. (AA)

government, just months before the election ‘good news’ continues to give.

Bülent Aydemir from Habertürk According to bureaucracy sources, natural gas and electricity will be reduced.

Aydemir, who also gave details about the discount expectation, wrote: “The discount to be obtained through costs, spot market and agreements will be reflected directly to the citizens.”

Discount on electricity

Accordingly, the market clearing price will be lowered to reduce the electricity price. The current ceiling price of 4800 mw/hour in electricity will be increased to 4200 with the decision of the board.

Considering that the distribution companies are negotiating with the producers over the ceiling price, the discounted price that the distribution companies will receive will also be reflected on the consumers.

Natural gas discount

According to sources, the government is also planning a 10-15 percent discount on natural gas, which is currently sold to industry and electricity producers at 20 liras and 50 cents per cubic meter.

Stating that one cubic meter of natural gas is planned to be delivered to the industry at 18 liras, Aydemir said: “It would not be wrong to say that the reduction in energy will be mostly in industry and production. Housing already has very high government subsidies.”

‘good news’ preparation for Istanbul

Aydemir also made a special statement for Istanbul.miracleHe wrote that he is preparing for ‘and it is not yet clear whether it will catch up with the New Year’s. Accordingly, electricity and natural gas distribution companies in Istanbul receivedsystem usage feeNegotiations are ongoing to not take it anymore.

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