Dining tenant. He said 2023 will be difficult and offered additional jobs for housewives and retirees. For the landlords, he offered a tenant with a meal.

Gold and Money Markets Specialist İslam Memiş made two very important statements and offered a job for additional income advice.

Islam Memiş gave his first advice to non-working women and retirees who can work.

Memiş gave his second advice to those who have a rental flat.

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We are passing through historical days where the world financial markets, social chaos, global uncertainty and risks have increased and cannot see the future. We last saw this process in March 2020. I gave you the messages that we are preparing, pointing to the months of September-October.

We read news streams such as murder, rape, violence, corruption, abuse of power every day and we feel psychological pressure. In the face of inflation, crisis and digitalization, people’s genetics have been deteriorated. Nobody is going through a normal process, be careful. last quarter of the year

It’s a good time to retreat into our shells. Autumn is a good time to read a lot of books to improve ourselves, to spend time with our family, and to reconsider our choices. I wrote you the message “We will need additional work in 2023, I will announce in December”.

Considering the trauma, economic crises and the deterioration of the social fabric, I came to the conclusion that I should wait for December. My first advice for additional income is to non-working women and retired friends who can work;

As you know, there are millions of single and lonely people in Turkey. The elderly may be living alone or those who go to work in the morning and return home in the evening. For these people, cooking at home is both difficult and rightfully a waste of time. The elders already know. Employees are tired.

Housewives, women who have never had SSI, who cannot save, who have not taken their future and freedom financially, can meet the food needs of these people with a good income. It’s like a digger. After all, she cooks at home and there is no need for an extra effort.

Radical suggestion from Islam Memiş: Tenant with dinner.  He said 2023 will be difficult and offered additional jobs for housewives and retirees.  For the landlords, he offered a tenant with a meal.

The person wants to eat home-cooked food. The person does not want to deal with food or dishes while tired. Both unhealthy diet and financial burden. A single person spends at least 3 thousand liras a month on food. Those who do not try to turn this into an opportunity but want to earn income

It’s in your hands. Most people observe who live in their apartment or street. The profit has actually come to you. You realize that I’m not talking about daily work, I’m just talking about daily cooking. For those who want to work, save, at least pay their sgk and retire.

On the other hand, those who have a flat for rent can also apply the EATING TENANT model. In this model, your flat for rent is for example 3 thousand liras. 5 thousand liras if you have dinner. You can be sure that 2 thousand liras will be preferred with a meal. I will explain in detail on my YouTube channel tomorrow.