Dimitris Pelkas is in good spirits to leave Fenerbahe! “I am very happy to be here”

Dimitris Pelkas, who transferred to Hull City as a loan from Fenerbahe this summer, made important acquittals. While Dimitris Pelkas expressed his happiness to be together with Ozan Tufan again, he also evaluated his days in his new team. here are the details…

Dimitris Pelkas transferred from Fenerbahe to Hull City, one of England’s Championship teams, as a loan, and a new chapter has opened in his career. Greek football player, his talk about the transfer process and the football played in his new team.


According to the news of from Hull Live; Noting that being in the same team with Ozan Tufan, back from Fenerbahe, was very nice for him, “It’s nice to be with Ozan. We used to play together in Fenerbahe and in Hull City we know each other a little better than other players. We need time to get better and adapt more, and now we have to give this nickname a lot. Fenerbahe “We came from a very big club, like this, but this is a different league and we need to establish harmony. With patience and looking at my food, we will see better things.” said.


Greek football player, who also touched on the transfer process and his life in England, “It took a while to understand with my previous club, but I’m finally here, I’m happy to be here. It’s nice, different and has a different mentality from countries I’ve played in before. Hull is a quiet city that I love because I’m not someone who likes to narrow down. I like to relax at home and concentrate on my football. “ expressed his words.


Referring to the football in the Championship, Pelkas said, “The games are progressing much more fluently, the referee doesn’t take much minutes and they keep the game flowing. They don’t always give easy free kicks and it’s also very important for me that VAR is not in the Championship. In other leagues, like in the Premier League, VAR spends a lot of time. From what I’ve seen so far, I want to be at a higher tempo and of course more in shape, and when I do that, I want to be able to give a lot of nicknames.” annexed residence.

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