Did the President of Ukraine Zelensky rent his villa in Italy to the Russians?

Did Zelensky rent his villa to the Russians?

According to the Italian newspaper Il Tirreno, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy has rented his luxury villa in Tuscany to the Russians for the month of August.

According to the newspaper’s report, a Russian couple residing in London rented the villa for August and paid €50,000. According to the news, the villa located in the Italian seaside town of Forte dei Marmi was purchased for four million euros when Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy was an actor.


Il Tirreno stated that the photos shared by the couple on social media confirm that they are staying at Zelenskiy’s property.

Another Italian newspaper, Corriere Della Serra, contacted the estate agent of the villa. “The tenants weren’t Russian, but I can’t say more because I have to abide by the privacy rules,” the realtor said. said.

However, the newspaper suggested that the tenants were probably of Russian descent, “having come to England a long time ago and perhaps hold British citizenship”.

While Russia’s attacks on Ukraine, launched on February 24, are still continuing, Zelenskiy recently urged the EU not to issue visas to Russian visitors.

*The image of the news was served by AA.

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