Devices to charge Togg appeared

Domestic auto charger appeared

180 kW chargers specially produced for TruGo by Vestel, one of the founding partners of Togg, were showcased in Turkey.

According to the statement, electric vehicle users will be able to charge their vehicles with high-performance charging infrastructure in 81 provinces of Turkey with TruGo.

Aiming to establish an end-to-end high-performance charger in Turkey, Togg received its charging network operator license in July as a result of its application to the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) with the TruGo brand.

The company plans to offer an uninterrupted experience to all electric vehicle users with devices over 180 kWh in 81 provinces.

TruGo’s chargers, which will serve with 1000 high-performance chargers (DC) in more than 600 locations, can charge an average battery to 80 percent in 25 minutes.

It was noted that TruGo, which will serve with 2000 sockets since there are two sockets on each device, will increase the number of stations at high traffic points.

It is stated that TruGo will be located with chargers every 25 kilometers on high-traffic routes and every 50 kilometers in low-intensity areas.

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