Detained in Spain… Cargo ship carrying drugs also visited Turkey

It was determined that the ship, which Spain detained together with 4.5 tons of cocaine, was registered in Greece. It was determined that the cargo ship stopped by Turkey and Russia before being detained.

A cargo ship registered in Greece was detained off Tenerife after Spanish authorities determined the ship was carrying cocaine. 4.5 tons of cocaine were found on the Togo-flagged cargo ship. It is stated that the shipment of drugs is worth 180 million euros. Although Greece-based Dignatio Corp is registered as the ship’s administrative company and operator, no Greek seafarers have been identified on board.

It is reported that the cargo ship in question is Blume, which was built in 2005. The cargo ship was stopped at a distance of 360 km from the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife on Tuesday.

On Thursday, the authorities of the Spanish customs ship Flumar brought the seized cargo ship to Tenerife. Spanish police, military and civil officials also participated in the operation. The operation at the Los Llanos quay lasted more than five hours. The illegal cargo was unloaded by crane on Thursday evening. The Guardia Civil arrested the 15 crew members on board.

Blume was reportedly underway with the Automatic Identification System (AIS) turned off at the time of his capture. It was reported that the last update regarding the ship’s activities was made on 17 January. It is estimated that the ship left the Brazilian port of Santos on 20 December and headed for Riga, Latvia.

He also visited Turkey

Newspaper WallAccording to the news of , it was determined that the ship in question stopped by Turkey and Russia before being detained by Spain. It turned out that the ship, which was stated to have docked in Istanbul before being detained, was problematic in many respects.

According to the news, Blume moved to South America after his trips to Russia and Turkey. Recently, the ship deactivated the AIS satellite tracking system and sailed from the coast of Brazil to Africa. Spanish authorities, which focused on the cocaine traffic between Brazil and Europe, stopped the ship off the coast of Spain.