Description of the Abrams tank from the Pentagon

Sabrina Singh, Deputy Spokesperson of the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), said that the US does not have surplus tanks, new tanks will be purchased for Ukraine, and therefore it will take months for the M1 Abrams tanks to be shipped to Ukraine.

The US administration announced that Germany would send M1 Abrams tanks to address the concerns of Germany about giving Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, but it was a matter of curiosity when these tanks would go to Ukraine at the earliest.

“Does the US lack M1 Arbrams? Why put them into battle as soon as possible,” he said in his daily press conference. USA You did not supply from the inventory but went to purchase? Doesn’t your supply this way mean that the tanks can’t be shipped before a year?” Asked by Pentagon Deputy Spokesperson Signh, “The US does not have surplus tanks, so it will take months for M1 Abrams tanks to be supplied to Ukraine.” gave the answer.

Stating that the tanks will be purchased with the money to be provided from the Ukraine Security Assistance Fund (USAI), Singh said that studies to determine the training, maintenance and maintenance processes for these tanks are continuing.

Answering questions about the reason why the US administration’s view that “Abrams tanks were not given to Ukraine on the grounds that there are great difficulties in their maintenance and maintenance” changed in a short time, Singh said:

“We stand behind the statements we made here, as well as the statements made by the Minister and the Chief of Staff. These will be very difficult to maintain and maintain. However, after the Minister’s Ukraine Contact Group Meeting with partners and allies, the capabilities that can be sent to the battlefield immediately or shortly.” “Our decision to deliver the Abrams tanks is a manifestation of our long-term commitment as part of that. It was timely to announce it, as our partners and allies announced the weapons they would deliver to Ukraine.”

It is interpreted that the US administration’s definition of Abrams tanks as a “long-term commitment” and their purchase rather than army inventory is an effort to extend the process of sending tanks to Ukraine as much as possible.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy stated that the attacks of the Russian army against his country can only be stopped with sufficient weapons.

Addressing the public in a video message he released at night, Zelenskiy reacted to the missile and UAV attacks carried out by the Russian army on 26 January.

“This evil, this Russian aggression can and must be stopped only with adequate weapons,” Zelensky said. used his statements.

Noting that the number of countries to give tanks to Ukraine continues to increase, Zelenskiy stated that Canada has also decided in this direction, “There are now 12 countries in our tank coalition.” said.

Noting that thanks to the air defense systems provided by the Allies to his country, they are effectively fighting against missile and UAV attacks by the Russian forces, Zelenskiy stated that they need more weapons.

Zelenskiy reported that due to the recent Russian attacks, there are problems in electricity service in many regions of Ukraine.


The US administration, citing maintenance, maintenance and training, was claiming that the delivery of Abrams tanks to Ukraine was not appropriate at this stage.

It was claimed that at the meeting of the defense ministers of 50 countries, known as the Ukraine Contact Group, on January 18-20 at the Ramstein base in Germany, with the agenda of Ukraine, Germany announced that it would not give tanks to Ukraine before the United States.

At the same time, Berlin did not give approval to other countries that wanted to give German-made tanks to Ukraine, which caused controversy.

It is stated that Germany’s reluctance to supply tanks to Ukraine before the US and its refusal to approve the delivery of German-made tanks to the Ukrainian army by other states forced Washington to take a step.

Simultaneously with the US taking this decision, Germany also announced that it would give Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine and that it would approve other countries to give German-made tanks to Ukraine.

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