Description of Luis Suarez, Cavani, Pato and Hulk by Murat Sancak

Sancak, together with press spokesperson and board member Savaş Çokduygulu and sporting director Gökhan Göktürk, said in a statement after meeting with members of the press at a hotel in the city that Trabzonspor match, which they played on Monday in the 6th week of the league and won 3-2, was good for viewing pleasure.

Stating that Mario Balotelli left the team late, Sancak said, “If Mario Balotelli had left the team earlier, we had some players on our list like Luis Suarez, Cavani, Pato and Hulk. We were going to have meetings with them, but Mario kept us busy so much that we couldn’t talk to anyone. It didn’t matter if he left, Dzyuba and Gulbrandsen came to replace him. Our squad is good, we played without a striker in the Trabzonspor match.‘ he said.

Sancak said that Balotelli had problems with the Swiss team Sion, to which he was transferred, “This is Mario, there’s a news every day. There is no Murat Sancak to restrain him in Sion, no Gökhan Göktürk to curse him. I think you will have a lot of trouble there.‘ he evaluated.

Reminding that their goals in the Super League last season were in the top 10, Sancak said about his goals this year, “They asked me last time, ‘Our goal is the top 5’. We have a desire to be in the top 5 and go to the European cups. “Nothing will happen. Even if God grants it, no one can prevent it,” he said.