Description of Gomis and Icardi from Okan Buruk

In the 18th week of the Super League, Galatasaray will be the guest of Fenerbahçe in the derby.

Okan Buruk, the coach of the yellow-red team, emphasized that they wanted to win while talking to beIN Sports before the giant match.

“I trust my staff”

“Both teams are fast-starting teams that like to play ahead. There are similar games. Both teams will try to exert pressure early on. Our opponent will have the spectator advantage, but we also have the will and concentration. We want to reflect this on the field. We have a good and wide squad. “There are players that we can use even if they can’t start the match. I trust my squad, I trust my players. I hope we will have a good evening in terms of games and we will be happy.”

Whatever your place in the standings, this match is important.”

“It is a very special match for both Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray. Regardless of your place in the ranking, this match is important. However, this time, Galatasaray is first in the standings, Fenerbahçe is second. We have to accept that this is a game. Both teams need to be on the field with common sense. Both teams are busy. “He wants to win the way he wants to win, that’s clear. It is necessary to be calm. We will both live our emotions and focus on winning. I hope we will win in the end.”

Description of Icardi and Gomis by Okan Buruk

“Icardi didn’t play for a long time. He trained for three days this week. He is not in a position to take the 90 minutes right now, we are planning to use it for the rest of the game. Gomis also… He played a game 3-4 days ago. We will use it in the game as well. Barış” The dynamism, ambition, desire and speed of the team are important to us. The speed of the front players is important to us today. Lucas Torrerira also had long flights, he was able to train less. We plan to evaluate him in the rest of the game. The match does not end with the starting 11. In this sense, we are strong at the club. We will use that as well. The important thing is that everyone on the field can bring out the best on the field.”