Description of Arda Turan from Okan Buruk

Galatasaray coach Okan Buruk, who won the friendly match with Istanbulspor 2-1, evaluated the match at the press conference held after the match.

Buruk said, “We wanted a league-quality match in the spectator atmosphere. This has emerged today as well. I thank our fans who came here. Even though it was a friendly match, they watched the match with an important number and supported it. It was a good game. Istanbulspor did well as a game. quality was good. We scored 2 goals but we couldn’t take advantage of 7-8 positions. It will be important for us when we score those. One of the important issues for us was that Icardi and Mata saw a match. Players like Midtsjö and Dubois who could not find time after injury took time today. “We played players from our academy. This was our most important happiness for today. Today was good for us in general. Even if it is a friendly match, every match is important for us. I congratulate my players for finishing by winning.” he said.

Stating that they do not have any problems in creating a position, Buruk said, “The important thing is to get into the position, and goals are coming, even if it’s close. We need to increase our finishing. We worked this week as well. Our productivity is good in terms of offense. Sometimes you can’t throw that ball in, sometimes you have the chance to throw everything. Finishing. We will continue to work on it.” said.

Asked about playing Patrick Van Aanholt on the left wing, the yellow-red coach said, “We didn’t have many alternatives on the wing, so we played Aanholt there. It’s not something we think in this league. There was Beknaz there, but he can’t be in our squad with foreign status. Beknaz is not in the status to play with us. Due to the number of foreigners and nationality, he was not in the U-21 age group. Maybe he can enter after January. Right now, Beknaz is a player who can’t play in our squad, so we took him in.” used the phrases.

Regarding whether Arda Turan, who ended his football career, will be among the technical team, Buruk said, “Arda is a very valuable name for us and for Turkish football.” Galatasaray’s doors are always open for him. Arda will decide for himself what he will be involved in after football. He will improve on this. He will invest in his future. Arda is important to us. We have not had such a meeting at the moment,” he said.