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In the 19th week of Spor Toto Super League, Konyaspor and Beşiktaş met at Medaş Konya Metropolitan Stadium. Black and white team started the match with a shocking goal from Mert Günok and won 2-1 with a last second goal.

Beşiktaş Club Vice President Emre Kocadağ said that after Wout Weghorst’s departure from the team, they put their former player Vincent Aboubakar on the agenda.

Emre Kocadağ made a statement to the journalists after the match in the 19th week of Spor Toto Super League, in which they were guests of Konyaspor and won 2-1.

Thanking all the fans who came to the stadium to support the team, Kocadağ said, “We are very happy for the win. There was 3 minutes of extra time in the first half and 4 minutes in the second half. There may be some plans and thoughts, but we scored at the last minute. At least 15-20 in the matches for two or three weeks.” “While Beşiktaş is defeated, you extend 3 minutes. It did not suit the game that went well.” he muttered.

Kocadağ stated that Wout Weghorst, who left the team, did not have an exit substance, and that he joined Beşiktaş as a player on loan for a year.

Explaining that the player evaluated the offer from Manchester United to his club, Kocadağ continued as follows:

“After this incident was reported to us, we talked to the player several times. We told him that we wanted to get his testimonial and that we would be happy if he continued with us. He also said that the incident was not related to money. We wanted him to continue with us. He did not accept this. He did not accept this. “There was no point in bringing the appreciation to Konya. It would not be a service for Beşiktaş to keep the player here by force and not be able to benefit from it. The player left Beşiktaş by contributing approximately 3.5 million euros, leaving his receivables.”

Regarding the transfer of former players Vincent Aboubakar, whose name is on the transfer agenda, Kocadağ said, “Aboubakar is on our agenda. However, his contract continues. We will look into it as soon as his situation becomes clear. There are players for other regions on our list. We are considering transfers to three regions. Of course, the report given by our coach is also important. One of the players we cannot use. If we can take advantage of it, we may reduce the transfer for some regions.” made its assessment.

Expressing that there is no official offer for his players, Kocadağ added that they need a streak and that he believes they will enter the championship pot in the future.