Derby tactics of Valerien Ismael and Jorge Jesus

It’s hours away from the giant derby in the Super League. On the Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe front, the tactics of Valerien Ismael and Jorge Jesus became clear.

Before the Beşiktaş-Fenerbahçe match, which will be played in the 8th week of the Super League, both teams continue their tactical training.

The derby tactics of the teachers were also revealed in the arch-rivals, who also practice open to the press from time to time.

Valerien Ismael and Jorge Jesus' derby tactics #1

Keyword: Speed

In the analyzes made by Valerien Ismael against Fenerbahçe with his team, tactics were created based on the matches played by his opponent, especially Adana Demirspor and Konyaspor.

Seeing Fenerbahce’s defense as the weakest link, Ismael plans to defeat his opponent by using the speed of the attacking players. The French coach, who has names such as Muleka and Weghorst, also takes into account the situation of İsmail Yüksek playing in the first 11.

Thinking that the young football player is a player close to the red card, Ismael asked his players to force İsmail on this issue as well.

Valerien Ismael and Jorge Jesus' derby tactics #2

Fenerbahce will press

Jorge Jesus, on the other hand, was at J.I.T. (Jesus Intelligence Agency) watched all the analysis on his desk. The Portuguese, who came to the conclusion that the black-and-whites’ stopper duo was insufficient, asked for a frontcourt press from the offensive line.

The experienced technical man, who wants the whole team to press in a synchronized way, is expected to try to put his opponent under pressure by not letting the black-and-whites pass comfortably.

Jesus, who is expected to give Osayi a chance this time from Osayi Samuel and Ferdi Kadıoğlu duo, is expected to respond to Beşiktaş’s fast attacks with this player’s sprint feature.

Derby tactics of Valerien Ismael and Jorge Jesus #3